lithium air battery How Does a Nebulizer Work?

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-08
lithium air battery How Does a Nebulizer Work?
Nebulizer is a medical ventilator that helps treat respiratory diseases such as asthma.They convert liquid drugs into steam in order to breathe directly into the lungs.How does it work?If you 've never seen a nebula before, you might want to know how these devices work.
The nebulizer is not a drug or drug, but a machine used to give it.The machine is connected with a tube to the source of compressed air.This will cause oxygen and air to pass through liquid drugs at very high speeds.
The drug spreads in air and oxygen, making it easier to breathe.In order to use the nebulizer, the first step is to input the liquid drug into the device and then connect it to the air compressor.When you turn on the compressor, the air will reach the nebulizer Cup and the medicine will be evaporated.
Then the patient took a deep breath and sucked in the steam.It usually takes about 10-The drug is completely inhaled for 20 minutes.What are they doing?Nebulizers help with problems such as asthma.
It can also be used for other diseases, such as cystic degeneration, branch expansion, lung dysplasia, chronic pulmonary disease, etc.Nebulizers are commonly used in infants or very old people who take drugs such as trachea dilator, cortisol, antibiotics, and prolocolin.By inhaling the treatment directly into the lungs, the effect of the drug is faster.
In addition, the necessary drug dose is reduced, because the smaller dose provides the same result as the larger dose, if swallowed in pill form.Those who need care in their own home can use the nebulizer at home.What are the types of nebulizers?There are two different types of nebulizers, ultrasonic and compressor.
The Compressor Nebulizer uses compressed air to produce fog carrying drugs.The ultrasonic style of the nebulizer uses high frequency vibration to produce fog.The basic functions of the two nebulizers are the same, turning drugs that start in liquid form into fine air particles that are easy to breathe in and absorb into the lungs.
And travel --Style nebulizer, which can be carried with you anywhere in the world and used through air conditioning adapters, rechargeable lithium batteries and even car cigarette lighter outlets.This nebulizer is very convenient as you can use it wherever you need it.The nebulizer is a very useful tool for the treatment of respiratory diseases and it is used in many different ways.
There are many different types to choose from depending on your special medical needs
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