lithium air battery Pentair Easytouch 8 Wireless Troubleshooting

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

The Pentair Easytouch 8 wireless system is designed to give you access to the functions of the spa via the remote control.After setting up the device, you may start to encounter problems with the power supply and remote control functions.Perform your own maintenance by following a few simple steps that will save you your own frustration, time and money.You can check the power connection to the LX control center (the control unit of the spa) and solve the problem that the remote control cannot control all the functions of the spa.Check the LX control center (the control box of the spa) to confirm if it receives the power, if the power light of the remote control is not lit when the button is pressed.Go to the area where the LX control center is installed, press the buttons on the digital interface (such as "Spa" and "Aux1") to ensure that the system responds and functions properly when used manually.Check for damage to the power cord that enters the control center, such as dents, tears, or cuts.If the wire is damaged, replace it with a new one.Turn on the remote control and slide the battery box cover down with your finger.Remove the battery to reset the connection and slide the battery (3-Volt lithium battery) back under Holder clamp.Slide the battery cover back to the back of the remote control until it clicks in place.If the remote continues to be rightRespond quickly and replace the battery with a new battery.If your remote control is able to control some of the features in the control center but not all of them, check the receiver board switch position.The circuit switch may not be set correctly.The receiver board is an installation device that looks like a small circuit board, receiving a remote control signal and converting it to the LX control center.Move the switch of the receiver using a small tilting object (such as an expanded paper clip.The receiver board has two switches, "S1" and "S2.The "S1" switch controls the communication link with the remote control.The "S2" switch area controls the automatic countdown cycle for the shutdown of the spa jet.Please refer to your user manual to configure the time of the countdown cycle using the "S2" switch.Flip all 10 "S1" switches (located on the right side of the receiver) to "on" using sharp thin objects on the receiver ".Turn the remote on and flip all of its 10 switches to on as well ".Your remote control now controls all receiver functions.
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