lithium battery manufacturers Electric Buses and Taxis 2011-2021

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-27
This is the world's first report to predict the global market for hybrid and pure electric buses and taxis.It predicts the market of China, the most important country, understands the current and future technologies in detail, and makes a frank assessment of the reasons for failure and future threats, not just the positive side.The market for electric buses and taxis will rise.
From 2011 to 2021, seven were close to $60 billion.Buses will be designed specifically for the purpose, although some buses will also have power trains for trucks.Taxis will consist mainly of ordinary cars and people who adapt to moderation.
We explain why it is now a decade of hybrid cars, but pure electric cars are growing fast.Electric buses and electric taxis in ten years.This report summarizes the statistics and trends of traditional buses and taxis, government incentives, returns and new technologies through detailed forms and figures, so that readers can easily understand the situation.
There is no rambling anecdote here, and there is no cut and paste of catalog items --This is a summary, comparison, and prediction of numbers, unit values, specifications, and a large number of images.This unique latest reference book is very thorough.Just one of the tables lists 78 hybrid bus manufacturers with national and product images, another table lists 53 pure electric bus manufacturers with national and product images, and another tableIon traction battery manufacturers with cathode and anode chemistry and other technical details and people who use these batteries-Name the buses, cars and other companies that use them and explain who won and why.
There is a table comparing eight electric taxi projects with the country, image and comments, including technical details, and a table comparing many fuel cell bus trials.To allow you to evaluate the situation quickly and easily, many numbers are charts, bar charts, pie charts, and other analyses.The market forecast covers 2011 per unit, unit price and total market value-The 2021 forecast supports forecasts for all types of bus markets in the world and China.
Taxi quantity, unit value and market value are also predicted, and the whole forecast is set against the background of the statistics of the manufacturer's past sales and production output and the overall forecast of the electric vehicle market.Major suppliers were identified.Compare the drive manufacturer using segmented technical drawings.Each purchase has a glossary and an hour of free consultation to answer any questions you have left.
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