lithium battery pack How to Rebuild an 18V Battery Pack

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

The 18-Volt rechargeable battery pack is the choice of many cordless power tools.The battery pack is the main cause of the tool failure.The rechargeable battery pack can only be charged hundreds of times before it becomes junk.Corrosion, humidity and extreme temperatures further shorten the life of the battery.The typical 18-The Volt battery pack consists of 12, 1.5-Volt rechargeable batteries are welded together in a series.By connecting the positive pole of one battery to the negative pole of the other battery, the battery is connected in series.Rebuild the battery pack by replacing individual faulty batteries.Turn on the battery pack and separate it from the power tool.Remove the small screws around the battery pack housing with a small screwdriver and separate the two parts.Unlock the two wires connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery pack Terminal plug.The terminal plug is identified by two metal strips that slide in and touch to power the tool.Remove the small battery pack by lifting the small battery from the bottom of the case.Mark the connection order of the old battery pack with felt tip.Start with the positive terminal connected to the battery pack Terminal plug and represent it as battery number 1.Turn on the cluster to see which battery is connected to the bottom of Battery 1 and Mark that battery 2.In the order of connection around the old battery pack, mark the order of connection for each battery until it ends with the battery connected to the negative terminal plug.Cut a piece of 1/2-inch-Thick foam board with tool knife.Make it larger than the bottom of the battery pack housing to form a template.Place the old battery pack on top of the foam board and trace a line around it.Indicates the foam board, which has a plus and minus sign next to the points of the two batteries in the cluster, connected to the positive and negative terminals of the package terminal plug.Push a new battery facing up to the position where the first battery on the template is located.Mark this battery as number one.Where the 12 th battery belongs, push a new battery, the negative side up, and mark the new battery 12.Number the remaining new battery 2 to 10 and push it into the appropriate position of the template.Match the appropriate terminals and follow the serial number of the battery in the old cluster.Tape the battery pushed into the foam template together and put the new battery pack into the battery compartment.The new cluster should form the same shape as the old one.Add batteries in the new cluster by soldering copper bars on the correct terminals.Connect all terminals in the new cluster in the same way as the old cluster.Weld two wires, one from the open positive electrode and the other from the Open negative battery terminal to the positive and negative terminal of the battery terminal plug.Insert the new battery pack into the bottom of the battery pack housing.Reconnect the two parts of the battery pack housing, then replace and tighten all the screws around the housing.
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