lithium battery price Li Ka-shing invests in the lithium battery sector

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-27
Jiasheng Holdings Limited issued a notice on January 26 stating that it would pay 2.Acquisition of Union Grace Holdings Ltd for HK $75 billion.This shows that Jiasheng Holdings has begun to develop electric vehicles and lithium batteries.
In addition, Jiasheng Holdings will sell 0.4 billion shares to Li Ka-shing.Transaction at a price of 18 fold.9 percent.On January 26, shares of Jiasheng Holdings reached a peak of 1.HK $57 in the morning session, the afternoon session closed sharply higher, the growth rate was 62.
22 percent.
Since December 1, 2009, shares of Jiasheng holdings have risen tenfold in two months after the company announced late last year that it would acquire Thunderbolt Sky Energy to expand its business to a new market.Li Ka-Shengcheng's acquisition of Jiasheng holding shares and its entry into the electric vehicle market reminds people of Buffett's investment in lithium battery companies.Of course, more than just two capital giants are investing in lithium batteries.
Sky Energy President winston Chung also invested a record HK $30 billion in an electric vehicle project last year.According to Feng Shun, a researcher at Xiangcai Securities, the possibility of the huge development of the electric car and lithium battery industry is the above reasonThe capital giants mentioned want to invest in these industries.At present, if a lithium battery in one unit can power a mobile phone, the lithium battery in nearly 10,000 units can power an electric vehicle.
That is to say, if electric vehicles can be widely popularized, there will be a huge lithium battery market."If we sell 10 million motor vehicles a year, 0," Feng said.1% of these cars are electric vehicles, and the number of electric car users in China will increase by 10,000 every year, creating a wholesale demand for 100 million batteries.
Feng said, "the development of the mobile phone and laptop market has led the lithium battery industry to a compound annual growth rate of 25% in the past five years.If the electric vehicle market can expand rapidly, it will not be difficult to maintain growth in the future
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