lithium ion battery cost have fun with the bmw active e -

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-09
lithium ion battery cost have fun with the bmw active e -
BMW currently offers 700 people the opportunity to lease the BMW 1-series electric version of Active E.The car is basically a test platform for the BMW electric driving survey, and consumers involved in the survey pay $499 a month.The company borrowed 10 days of active E from us and we have been enjoying zeroEmissions driving sports taste.
Driving active E is very fulfilling, but there is a learning curve.Acceleration is smooth, linear, fast and quiet.To be honest, it seems to be more than 168-Hp rating of motor.
Zero-to-The acceleration of 60 miles/hour is the specified 9 seconds, which seems sensible in our experience.The car looks alive on the highway and is easy to cruise.But as soon as you release the throttle, the regeneration brake will start so strongly that it will not be able to slide with the car.
The fact is that you will end up completely and reasonably quickly without touching the brake pedal.Fortunately, whenever you remove the gas, the foot brake light will be turned on first, warning the car behind anyone.Many of us commentedIf we are driving your Mini E in the past year, we are eager to regenerate the brakes.
) #) As outlined by BMW, the impact of "regen" is beautifully shaped through Mini E, which is reportedly not considered too radical by some drivers.Almost every one of our crew who drives your active electronics is consumed by a strong slowdown.A productive E may be more important than their limited submission might suggest, as it has a similar transmission system because of the upcoming all-Electric BMW, your i3, thanks for the delay of 2013.
Important lithiumIon battery carrying 36-BMW's potential in this area is only 62%, but it has to do with the best battery pack life.Laptops or computers tell people that we have been averaging 3 mls per kilowatt hour, which is normal for electric vehicles.Since 7, charging time is actually faster than many electric cars.
7-KWh on the machine charger.
Charging at a voltage of 240 V takes a long time.Officially employed 110-Volt power, BMW's data will put all-Boost around 20 for a long time.The full cost of about $2.40 use the current national conventional energy prices, play near the places the car provides, and plan to spend nearly twice as much.
At 19 cents/kWh, our local state of Connecticut charged $4 per kWh, supplemented by a 21-year-old kWh fee.10.If the price of gallons involving gasoline is similar, it is very similar to 70 miles.Another method of segmentation is to operate the cost of productive electronics 5.
$9 a mile.
As with the use of mini electronics, productive electronics prove that natural mobility and fun are certainly not different from each other.Productive E-side, no low fat body;You certainly don't know that your turn will eventually become electric.It thinks well-Weighted and provide decent opinion.
Compromises?With the exception of the minimum range and typical charging occasions for electric vehicles, there is little or no.Efficient E has a useful back seat, but your battery display can damage the start-up space.By contrast, our 360-Pound 135i, in the case of a few 075 fat, the weight of the productive E will increase a little, and of course, more weight is visible.
Plus, $499 for 30 days, plus a down payment of $250, BMW looks like it's charging people a fair amount of work.(BMW is now launching a brand new turbo-charged 2012 335i xDrive coupe.) #) At least, the cost of productive electronics is much cheaper than your mini electronics pioneer's purchase of the first adopter benefits.
But for the car itself, an efficient E can prove that electric cars can be fun to drive
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