lithium ion battery cost laptop power problem analysis and practical tips - laptops

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-09
lithium ion battery cost laptop power problem analysis and practical tips - laptops
Several small problems of notebook power supply can not be ignored. The biggest advantage is to consider the use of the site, anytime, anywhere, and the battery performance of the notebook computer will become an important factor reflecting the notebook computer, this is the most important reason why you choose your laptop.Most laptops will not be used for too long, so how to make the laptop more power becomes the key to using the laptop.
today we will talk about a few small problems with the laptop power supply.The heat dissipation surface of the notebook is not connected to the power supply of the notebook. In fact, the relationship between the two is very close.
The notebook is almost impossible to rely on the naturally flowing cooling air due to its small size, so a lot of use such as heat pipe cooling technology, but when the temperature is too high, the notebook will start the built-in-Help cool in cooling fans.Since the laptop is used in the temperature control fan, it will only start when the temperature reaches a certain program, so if we can help the laptop to dissipate heat and control the temperature of the laptop, it can reduce the start time of the temperature control fan, and can also extend the use time of the notebook.Use your laptop in the well as much as possibleVentilation, be careful not to let the sundries plug the vent of the notebook;If it is snapped up in family and office use, conditional friends can prepare a water mat (that is, the liquid poured into the mat, which is generally cooler in summer and sits on it ), then the notebook on the water pad, because the water has a good thermal conductivity, the laptop can fully absorb the heat generated by the laptop, the laptop is kept at low temperature.
Operating some mobile CPU in the notebook version is very different from the CPU used by the general desktop, and the working frequency of the mobile CPU is generally not fixed, of course, changing the working frequency of the CPU will be the software requirement of the CPU, and the higher the frequency of electricity will cost more, so try not to run on the notebook on the software with higher CPU requirements, this will control the frequency of the CPU to a certain extent and work hard to achieve the goal.The power management program can be set up in the WINDOWS Control Panel and we usually set it to "portable/laptop ".\ "I also suggest that we can set the screen saver display properties directly to \" black \ "and the wait time is set to 5 minutes so that we don't operate the notebook for a while, the black screen will appear directly, so it is more powerful than other screen saver programs of Yunxing.
For some brand-Name notebook manufacturers usually offer more professional power management software, and they usually have some special features depending on the laptop they use themselves: for example, Sony's special power management program can set the cooling fan speed or turn off the power supply without using the ieee 1394 interface and memory module slot to achieve the goal;IBM's Power Management program can reduce the refresh rate of the LCD screen;Toshiba's power management program can be turned off directly in case of power shortage, and you can specify any one device.The rational use of these software can even extend the use time of the notebook.The hard drive of the laptop, it is one of the more powerful hard drivesHungry components, as long as the reading and writing status will be powered on, the number of program visits on the hard disk will be more, and the hard disk will be more powered on, so the hard disk will generally not run large-Do not use the battery when doing disk fragmentation.
In the case of using WIN98 system, if the physical memory is 256 MB, the appropriate conditions can increase the user's physical memory notebook to reduce the system's use of virtual memory, you can completely disable virtual memory, this will be a great way to power.In addition, we can also set the hard disk to stop working time and let the hard disk enter the pause state at the appropriate time. This time, please pay attention to the reasonable setting of the notebook computer hard disk according to your own use, if the shutdown setting of the hard disk is too short, the frequent hard disk may start and stop switching, and it will also affect the service life of the hard disk.
5, CD-Notebook power consumption notebook drive large, full-Working hard under the optical drive is faster than the cost of electricity, but there is also greater heat, so when we didn't use the CD a long time ago, it's better to take the CD out of the CD drive.Due to the low usage of most laptopsspeed 20-Speed drive, you are generally not recommended to use drive rotation-Software, so as to avoid the impact of reading the disk too fast.Frequently used for CD-ROM, the best way is to apply the virtual drive software to the virtual hard disk, which is the most energy-efficient way.
The general notebook will have a lot of peripherals you can use, but please note that just connect these peripherals to the notebook, ji Shibu Gong's ku financial consumption is ji ben \'s. Therefore, when these peripherals on the laptop are removed, we don't need the best.There are many kinds of laptops, such as LPT ports, COM ports and so on.
, Will not work, the power consumption of the notebook, if you do not use these ports, it is better to disable it in BIOS.If your laptop has an infrared port and wireless adapter when not in use, you can also turn them off.Many of my friends like to use an external mouse when using a laptop, in order to save electricity demand, even if you want to use an external mouse, it is better to use an open notebook mouse, I suggest you not to use an optical mouse as it is more expensive than a normal mouse.
Choose the software running on the notebook. we don't need to use some functions of the system, but need complete software. we can also choose some software with the same functions but lower requirements of the software system, for example, we only need simple typing.
you don't need to use office xp.
its function is powerful, but more system resources are needed. we can use lowThe WINDOWS version of The Office 2000 even comes with a WordPad and notepad to achieve the same purpose, which can significantly reduce the use of CPU and hard disk, and power consumption is also a good way.In daily use, we can extend the life through some energy-saving technologies, especially for some "monitoring" with high power, the effect is very significant.
Laptop is power-Hungry LCD screen, reduce the brightness of the screen can be very effective to reduce power consumption, extend the battery life, the dark environment does not need higher brightness, we can reduce it appropriately.On the keyboard, most models are a combination of buttons for adjusting the screen brightness of "Fn F6/F7", and specific operations can be found in random instructions.Secondly, canceling the "screen saver" can also increase the battery life.
When stand-When leaving your own seat, the best friend cancels the screen saver, sets the power switch, or standby mode, and this operation depends on the operating system different from the way it is set up, and we will detail the next part.Cancel the specific operation of the screen saver: use the desktop empty office correctly, select Properties, and then select screen saver to determine whether to select no directly ".Third, some "ban" which is not commonly used by ports or hardware can also save considerable mobile power usage.
Power savings can be achieved by pulling similar PC cards, USB, ieee 1394 interfaces, such as any device or disabling optical drives, wireless networks, and Bluetooth devices.Disable the hardware device as shown in the public Drive as follows: right-Click my computer, select Properties, and then select Device Manager in the menu to find the hardware options in the pop-up-Up the menu, select the disable or uninstall button.As for the disabled wireless network and Bluetooth devices, it is done by shortcut.
See the instructions for the specific operation of the relevant models.Fourth, timely monitoring of system resources, adjusting the working conditions of books, and reducing the time in the reading process can be based on this energy.Through the combination of buttons \ "Del Alt Ctrl \", bring up the process menu, then set up process resources, or run system cleaning software such as "Super Rabbit" to modify the operating system and repair order, the significance of not only saving energy but also saving system space.
discharge the battery can enhance the battery characteristic and achieve the ideal power supply effect.Most new laptops use Biaozhun lithium-ion batteries that don't have much full charge and discharge operation, although they still have a slight memory effect, this notebook will become particularly special for about a year, especially those devices that connect power to users every day.The ideal discharge operation should be carried out every 2 months, the battery is fully discharged and the clean and ventilated place is removed.
This will increase battery life and maintain performance
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