lithium ion battery pack How to Troubleshoot a Milwaukee Universal Charger

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

Many modern power tools are able to use the battery pack power supply without the need to plug directly into the electrical outlet on the wall.Work-at-Family handymen and amateurs may have several of these power tools.They may have multiple batteries to ensure that the tool is powered continuously.Milwaukee's universal charger is ideal for charging these extra batteries.However, if this simple accessory fails, the power tool that relies on it is almost useless.If this is your dilemma, you can perform some trouble shooting steps to solve the battery charging problem of the universal charger.If it is automatically turned off because it is too hot, please put the battery pack back on the charger.The flash of the charger flashes red, indicating that the temperature of the battery is very high.The red light means the battery pack is cooling.You can start using the battery pack again.Allow the battery to selfHeating function if the surrounding temperature is far below freezing point.When it gets warm, the device will hum in the first minute.The battery pack can work at temperatures of minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit.When you use the battery with a tool, use it only for simple and less intense activities.The battery pack will be fully warmed up after one minute of use.Allows new battery packs to be charged overnight.This gives battery technology the opportunity to fully charge.Charge the battery at a moderate temperature.The ideal temperature range is 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.Store batteries at temperatures below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.Call Milwaukee factory services/sales support 800-729-3878 if you feel that your battery pack is defective.The customer service agent will advise you on your follow-up steps to troubleshoot and/or replace your battery.You can also contact the local authorized service station.
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