lithium ion battery pack How to Use a Pole Chain Saw

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lithium ion battery pack How to Use a Pole Chain Saw
The pole chainsaw is awesome.It consists of a long rod and a long rod.It can reach the tall branches on the tree.The latest polechain saw is cordless.Power supply from battery pack..Here's more about this gorgeous cutter.-There are three pieces that make up most types of Rod chain saws.There are handle sections, cutting saw heads and center extension modules.
Connect each piece safely.
For short-bar chainsaw, only the head and handle need to be connected.This will create a rod chain saw with a length of at least 6 feet.This size is perfect for cutting a variety of shrubs and shrubs.
For the long rod chain saw, connect the handle to the center extension module, and then connect the cutting saw head to the other end of the center extension rod.This will create a rod chain saw with a length of at least 9 feet.This is long enough to cut branches on the tree.
A wire saw with lithiumThe ion battery pack should be charged before use.Some models of fast-charging batteries can be charged in just one hour.The common voltage of the battery pack is 18 volts.
After the battery is charged, install it on the wire saw and turn it on.Saw runs inside.line motor.The battery pack is mounted at the bottom of the pole chainsaw, close to the handle.It should run continuously until the battery runs out.
Run time depends on amp-hours.
A typical amp-The hourly rating of the battery pack designed for pole chainsaw is 1.6.This means that the battery will provide a current of 1.Load 6 amps per hour.Most pole chainsaws are electric.It runs on the battery pack.After the battery pack is charged, slide it into the handle.
It should click in place.
To remove the battery pack, press the release button and slide out.Most pole chainsaws have the trigger.Switch lock.To open the saw, you have to press the trigger lock or pull the lock back and press the trigger.After the saw is opened, loosen the lock, but continue to press the trigger.
Just press the trigger and the Saw will remain open.To turn off the saw, release the trigger.-Wire saw is used to cut something very high off the ground.The average cutting height is 6.5 feet to 9.5 feet.At this level, a Pole chain saw cuts branches.
Put the moving chainsaw on the branch.
The Saw should be firmly grasped when cutting the branches.Put a hand in your hand.Put the other hand a few feet away from the pole.Keep your feet apart and distribute your weight evenly on your feet.
The rod chain saw was designed to cut relatively thick branches.The cutting head may be tilted.This helps users cut branches easily.Hope to cut branches with a diameter of 6 inch without much effort.Cut the lower side of the limb first.It should go through 1/3 of the bottom of the limb.
Cut from the top of the limb.
If you are cutting the hedge, stand firmly and move one part of the hedge to the other.This will generate a level, evenhedgeline.If you are tired, take a break.The wire saw is low.Repair chain to be cut.Repeated cutting without adjustment.The chain is spinning fast.The typical speed of the pole chain saw is 5.
Maintain efficiency with oil.
Some models of automatic Oiler can protect rods and chains from wear and tear.It can also prevent the influence of low temperature.Some of the oil designed for the rod chain saw has a viscous agent in the formula.
When conditions become harsh, the adhesive keeps the oil on the chain.For example, the chain is easy to wear during high-speed cutting.The high temperature generated during the cutting process also affects the chain.
With a sticky agent, the chain is protected.Most chain stores have oil.The way the drive links.This allows the oil to flow through the drive connection with the rivets.Advantages of oil-The method is to reduce friction and avoid chain stretching.
The chain with Chrome Cutter is the best.
This type of chain cuts smoothly and reduces kickback.If the chain is loose, tighten it before cutting.On a typical Rod chain saw, loosen the alien head screw and rotate the screw at the front of the shell.
After reaching the correct tension, tighten the alien head screw to clamp the rod.The best way to identify the loose chain saw is to pull the chain off the bar 3mm and release it.If the chain goes back to the previous tension, then it has enough tension.
If the chain breaks, it is not tight enough.Avoid over-Tighten the chain.This will cause wear and tear each time the battery is charged and reduce the number of cuts.Because the pole chain saw is very long, it may be difficult to transport.
The best way to transport a rod-style chain saw is to remove the battery pack and cover the saw with a knife sheath.Disassembly is also recommended
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