lithium ion cell Protect Crop From Wild Animals And Birds | Khethi Rakshak

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-04
lithium ion cell Protect Crop From Wild Animals And Birds | Khethi Rakshak
Before the start of each farm season, most farmers prefer to plan potential production.The ultimate success.Usually the most important thing is to protect crops from diseases, to check pests and weeds, to prevent adverse weather events such as hail and other crop maintenance practices, as well as farmers facing another interesting challengee.Wildlife crop conservation is a special challenge for farmers around the world.
Cattle, buffalo, neigas, pigs, dear wild boars, rabbits, moles, elephants and so on, monkeys and many other animals may cause serious damage to the crops, they can damage the plant by feeding part of the plant or simply running through the fields and trampling the crop.As a result, it is easy for wildlife to cause significant production losses and cause additional economic problems.Crop Destruction (The issue of wildlife attacking crops) is becoming a common phenomenon in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, which is faced by Punjab province and many other states?Technology and Professor Gamyam.
Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University has launched "Khethi Rakshak" to minimize conflicts between humans and wildlife using acoustics and information technology.Khethi Rakshak is a communication device for machine monthly machines.The technology in this system is the perfect solution to these problems.
The bio-Acoustic technology uses only the natural sounds of predators, distress and alert calls of target animals and closely related species.By using an electronic platform with a sound Drive, the call is broadcast on site.Bio-Acoustics try to convey to the target animals in their own language the message "This area is dangerous.
After hearing the sound, the target animal began to avoid the area, thus avoiding damage to the crop.Sound is natural and safe for humans, birds and animals.The Khethi Rakshak system is very effective for drivingDrive the animals away from the fieldsThe device is turned on automatically depending on the system time, or can be turned on manually using a smartphone.
One-time charging of equipment 4-The equipment works about 6 hours.14 hours.The device can be charged via a 230 v AC power supply or when field farmers do not have an AC power supply, the device can be charged using a 12 v solar panel.The device is equipped with lithium-Ion batteries, which provide a 14-hour power backup for one charge.
The device works on a single-phase or three-phase power supply.Khethi Rakshak features: hardware features: space nuclear power sources.Power On/Off 2.Increase/decrease volume via SMS and manual 3.
Play a specific call sequence through SMS 4.Location of installation equipment 5.Lat/Long 6 through cell tower triangle measuring device.GSM signal low/high alarm 7.Unique ID of device 8.Lithium Ion battery strength 9.Equipment that works on the main power supply or battery.
Features: 1.
Equipment on/off 2.
Reminder of insufficient battery power 3.
Switch from solar to AC current 4.
Alarm 5 box on/off.
Power failure reminder 6.
Overheating alarm 7.
Shock alert 8.
Notice of location change of bioacoustics: 1.Bioacoustics is a new technology that utilizes only the natural sounds of predators, distress and alarm calls of target animals and closely related species.2.Broadcast calls using an electronic platform with a sound Drive.
The target animal began to avoid the area after hearing the sound.4.Sound is natural and safe for humans, birds and animals.5.The device generates a fixed volume of 110 dB 6.
Floor area 8-10 acres 7.
37 dB of ambient noise and 19 acres of equipment.92% effectively disperse wildlife and birds using Khethi Rakshak 1.Cost-effectiveness: one-time investment to maximize the production of the Corps.
Economic benefits 3.
Environmental protection and easy to use 4.It's not killing wild animals that save farmers' pain
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