lithium ion cell The Magic Formula Tesla Motors Grasp Strategy

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-04
lithium ion cell The Magic Formula Tesla Motors Grasp Strategy
Background: my day's career was jogging in an indoor transport organization called spacex, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm the chairman of Tesla Motors, and work with Martin and other members of the team to develop business, product or service technologies.I am also the main source of funding for Tesla Motors, and since the organization has only 3 people, I am also a corporate approach.A car called a Tesla sports car.Nevertheless, some viewers may not remember the undeniable fact that our long-term plan is usually to build a large number of models, including spouse and children's cars at reasonable prices.
This is because the overall goal of Tesla motor (and my motivation to fund the company) is to help speed up the relocation from the mineand-Burning the hydrocarbon economic climate in the direction of the photovoltaic power economy, I think this is usually the main but not the only sustainable answer.Cars like Porsche or Ferrari stand out in their heads.Then, in addition to this simple fact, it is twice as efficient as Prius.
Still, some may question whether or not this is really good for the world.Activity car?Will it really change global carbon emissions?To be correct, the answer is no, never significant.However, unless you recognize the secret master preparation mentioned above, this misses the location.
In fact, before the usual optimization, any new project has had a high unit price at first, which is not more accurate for electric vehicles.Tesla's strategy has always been that in the current market, consumers are prepared to compensate for the premium and enter the high conclusion. after that, it will reduce the current market as quickly as possible to increase the unit volume, and reduce costs through almost every continuous design.
There's so much to offer I can say that the second design could be a sports four-door loved one car that costs about half the $89 k of a Tesla sports car, plus the design of 3rd can cost more-effective.While maintaining the use of fast-growing technology companies, all free capital flows are invested in R & D to reduce costs and communicate adherence to solutions to the industry as soon as possible.When a person buys a Tesla sports car Sports Event car, they are probably basically using a lower price home car to help pay for the improvements.
Now I'm dealing with two repeated arguments about electric cars.Battery handling and power plant emissions.Battery that is harmless to your environment!I wouldn't recommend them for dessert, but the Tesla car lithium-Ion batteries are generally not classified as dangerous and are at risk of landfill sites-free.
Nevertheless, dumping them from the trash can cause a loss in the US dollar as the battery pack may be sold to the recycling company (no subsidy)Design and style of daily life.In addition, the battery is not dead in that position, but there are fewer arrays.(With respect to the additional comprehensive model of this argument, please make sure you see the white paper written by Martin and Mark.
A general rebuttal of electric vehicles as a carbon emissions remedy is that they basically change the carbon dioxide emissions from energy plants.The obvious opposite is that a person can generate power from a large number of hints, quite a few of which are hydropower, wind, geothermal, nuclear, solar, etc.Carbon dioxide emissions are not included.
Nevertheless, permit assumes that electricity is generated by the supply of hydrocarbons such as natural gas, which is probably the most appropriate --Recently, the fuel of new energy plants in the United States has been famous in the world.The H-Methods the combined conventional generator of standard electrical converts healthy gas into electricity with a success rate of 60%.\ "Combined loop \" is all in it-Natural gas burns to generate electricity, and then uses the heat consumed to generate steam to power the second generator.
The recovery rate of organic gas was 97.
5% efficient, can be processed 97.
5% environment friendly, and then the transmission efficiency through the grid is typical 92%.This provides us with a good efficiency 97.five% x 97.Five % x 60% x 92% = 52.five%.Although the system conditions, tires and gears of the Tesla sports car are designed to improve efficiency, not peak efficiency, it requires 0.4 megajoules per kilometer, or 2 leave in a different way.
53 km per megabyteElectric joules.
The complete conventional cost and discharge efficiency of the Tesla sports car is 86%, which means that every 100 megajoules used to charge the battery can reach the motor by about 86 megajoules.By combining mathematics together, we can finally determine the advantages of several mathematics.53 km/MJ x 86% x 52.five% = one.14 km/MJ.Enable has studied Prius and several other power alternatives that are generally considered successful.
Definitely considered effectiveto-The wheel efficiency of a gasoline-powered vehicle is equal to that of a gasoline-powered material (34.Minus the loss of refinement and transportation (18.A few %), multiplied by the number of miles per gallon or kilometer per liter.
Therefore, the vitality efficiency of Prius with an EPA rating of 55 mpg is 0.56 km/MJ.Compared to "normal" cars or trucks like Toyota Camry, this is actually a good number.28 km/MJ.Please note that the name of the hybrid currently applied to cars around the road is often misworded.
These are really just gasoline powered cars and the battery help is minimal, except that you are one of the few after-sales hackers that the small battery has to be charged in the gasoline motor.So they could simply be seen as a slightly more successful petrol-powered car.If the EPA certified mileage is fifty-five miles, then it can beHybrid power up to 55 mpg.
As one of my good friends said, 100 of Prius drivers worldwide are still addicted to oil.Effectively understand the carbon dioxide content materials of any basic fuel provided.Pure gas is 14.4 grams of carbon per metric tonCoke oil 19.
9 grams of carbon per tonnejoule.
Still, when you assume the typical CO2 per joules made by US power, the Tesla sports car wins a lot of money.Compared to pure gas, the larger co2 content in coal is offset by water, nuclear, geothermal, wind, sun and many other negligible co2 content substances.The actual capacity to produce the mixture varies depending on the location and changes over time, all pure gas is used here like a fixed ruler.
What I should mention is that Tesla Motors MaySustainable Electricity goods from other companies as well as marketing and advertising for all vehicles.Among the other options, for example, we will offer solar panels of medium size and price from PV enterprise solarcity (no matter where I am the main financier ).This method can be installed on your roof because its measurements are small, or set to a garage, generating about 50 miles of electricity per day.
So when you're on vacation less than 350 miles a week, you may be impressed with your particular transport.This is usually a move beyond saving or even eliminating the use of transport vitality-you will basically put in more power again in technology than you consume in transportation!
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