- lithium ion polymer battery

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  -  lithium ion polymer battery
Sarah Griffiths published: EDT 08: 18 on January 20, 2014 | update: EDT 08: 43 on January 20, 2014, we all experienced that terrible panic when we left our wallets or wallets somewhere.
But because of a "smart wallet" that contains chips, people's concerns about lost money and cards may be in the past, so it can be easily found.
Bluetooth device slot into wallet card holder and automatically link with smartphone app
Able to track it down
If the wallet is out of the app's range, a warning message flashes on the screen showing the last location the wallet uses.
Jack Hu, the behind-the-scenes black hand of the smartwatch Pro, hopes the device will prevent people from leaving their wallets in taxis and shops and keeping them at home.
The device was also designed to help people find out if their wallets were stolen.
The device can also "call" from an app 30 feet away, so that it will make a loud ringtone to let the owner know where it is, this may prove to be a godsend for those who often place items around the house.
For those who are often worried about the whereabouts of their wallets in busy areas, the device can remind them that it is safe during selected intervals.
It's just a way your wallet reminds you, "Hey! I’m here! ”’ he said.
If the owner is in a quiet place or simply travels without a wallet, the automatic "loss detection feature" can be disabled.
There are only 4 devices.
2mm thick, powered by rechargeable lithium
Ion polymer battery
It has five different colors.
Black, blue, pink, red and green-
So it can match the wallet or just as stand out.
This device can be used with iPhone, iPod Touch and some Android 4. 3 devices.
Mr. Hu from Shanghai, China said: "I invented the smart Waltham Pro because I want to create an-
Lost Bluetooth device.
Smart Waltham Pro is connected to your phone, all you have to do is open the app and you will be fully set up.
If you lose your wallet, your phone will inform you and your wallet will inform you if you lose your phone.
He explained that when a person uses a wallet, the app will record the action using the proximity and light sensor of the device and send a message to the user's smartphone.
With this information, your mobile phone can record the time and place you used your wallet last time, Hu said.
To search more accurately, the app will show you the distance between your phone and your wallet.
"If you put your wallet in the wrong place, you can also use the app to make it ring with a loud buzzer sound, which is not difficult to hear even 30 miles away.
If you stay at home or in the office all weekend, you can disable-
He added that the loss function in the "no disturb" mode.
Smart Waltham Pro will be made this year and retail for around £ 36, but the device can be ordered via Kickstarter for a price starting at $39 (
£ 23 plus shipping).
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