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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-26
There are many different versions of the Ciphone on the market now.Maybe you know the classic Ciphone 3GS C6a and now I'm excited to tell you something, Ciphone C8a-The latest generation of C6A is available, so I can't wait to share it with you, it has a comfortable handling function, a new touch interface made of special mineral materials, built in-In the latest Windows Mobile 6.1. Apple's dual operating system meets the operating habits of different user groups.
The built-In a series of software such as WIFI, GPS, MSN, QQ, windows live Adobe Reader, addSensor & 3.The full screen handwriting function of 6 inch also brings us the real fun of mobile office.1.CPU & Battery -Latest technology 60-Nano processorFaster and more stable Samsung ARM11 CPU (C6a uses Hisilicon K3 ).
It also supports largecapacity built-Lithium in 2200 thick steel-Ionic polymer batter effectively extends call and standby time.2.Sound -Yamaha receiver provides better sound effects and higher volume, which solves the problem of small size and sound quality of C6A.3.Reset -New convenient features for general key functions.
The new reset hole design at the bottom of the body solves the problem that C6a cannot be reset after crashing due to virus or misuse problems.4.GPS -Using the fourth generation S-GPS navigation hardware module, more robust signal, more accurate positioning.5.Operating system-This new phone supports Windows Mobile 6.
The operation menu design and icons are optimized to solve some system errors and make them run faster and more stably.7.Touch Screen -It uses the original HVGA 3 of the second generation sharp.6-inch HD screen.( C6A with 3.5-8.Appearance -Check out more information on the Ciphone C8a (specifications, prices, pictures, etc.
), Please visit http: // www.
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