lithium ion polymer battery how do lithium polymer batteries match up against the ...

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-27
Lithium polymer, as a separate battery, offers multiple benefits for electronics manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.This includes customizing the lithium polymer battery to a unique advantage that fits perfectly with any size device, its lightweight but sturdy performance, and the ability to fuss --Free repair.But how does a lithium polymer battery stand out from the competition?Here\'sa side-by-Side comparison with two main competitive batteries: lithium polymer and nickel-The power of the two batteries may be the same, but the lithium polymer battery provides 20-The weight is reduced by 30%, the volume is reduced by 40%, and the temperature change can be better resisted, keeping the charge 1.
25 times longLithium polymer batteries can also be charged at a convenient time without the need to maintain a full charge or discharge cycle of nickelBattery based on peakperformance.Lithium polymer and lithium-Compared to lithium, ionsLithium ion, lithium polymer batteries are better able to prevent physical damage when pierced or dropped, and discharge is only started after a considerable number of chargesDischarge cycle.Lithium polymer batteries are also less expensive to manufacture and are more suitable for any packaging shape or size.
The general advantage of lithium polymer batteries compared to conventional batteries is that they can be stored for a month or two without significantly losing their charge, thus saving the cost of allocating manpower or resources to maintain them.Thanks to the cost of Excellencesaving, high-The benefits of profits do not explain why consumer electronics companies and equipment manufacturers are rapidly shifting to lithium polymer battery technology
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