lithium ion polymer battery Multi Trim CLT Cord/Cordless Trimmer

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-26

New beauty tools are in stock!!The last time ABK Grooming announced the upcoming two new Clippers, the pulse zirconium II cordless Clippers and the multi-trim CLT line/cordless trimmer.To make the professionals more professional, we have launched this amazing Clipper, which is not only designed to be efficient, but also at a reasonable price.This trimmer is best suited for trimming the face, feet and sanitary areas.Stylish, ergonomic design for comfortable, controlled trim.Wire/cordless design available anytime, anywhere!Powerful lithiumThe ion battery provides 80 minutes of running time.Includes LED power indicator that shows charging level and status.Stainless-Steel blade for quick touchups.This clipper is available in the CLT model and weighs about 0.22 kg.The project code is 24575.There are 25 black polymer body materials and the same size.1 cm x 20 cm x 6.35 cm.Stylish, balanced and ergonomic design for comfortable, controlled trim. Wire/cordless design for anytime, anywhereThe ion battery provides 80 minutes of running time including LED power indicator light showing charging level and status stainless steel #10 BladeEasy to clean function on the doubleThe multi-decorated CLT line/cordless trimmer features a stylish design.This new trimmer is now available!Order one for your pet soon!Proud products made in the United States.Products such as Trimmer, nail clippers, Dandruff Removal tools, etc.
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