lithium ion polymer battery wireless industrial deadman series trigger switch - wifi

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-24

Wireless Industrial DeadMan series trigger switches are specially developed for wireless industrial applications that require positive operators-to-Machine contacts.These wireless trigger switches industrial radio remote control systems are used to send RF instruction signals to the pump.The operator of the system is generally not restricted by cables and wires.They are usually used for "dead" refueling operations.The industrial radio remote control switch control system is also equipped with safe frequency hopping, Spectrum expansion technology, enabling the system to prevent any other electrical or RF interference.During any signal loss of the transmitter, the operator turned off the entire system.The transmitter of these unique industrial radio remote control trigger switches is powerful enough to capture the smallest signal.The charging transmitter can be used continuously for 30 hours between charges.Manufacturers typically offer 12/24 VDC chargers for each product.The "security timer" software is provided in these wireless industrial switches in order to limit the switch off duration before it is automatically turned offoff.In order to maintain the "on" State of the receiver, the operator must maintain a periodic trigger pulse.These devices can be used for up to 11 other command functions.Fast ModularThe connecting components are easy to install and serve on site.Pre-can also be obtained-Wired solenoid for pneumatic, hydraulic and hose reel control interface is free to use.The frequency of the transmitter is generally 902-928 MHz fhs and 433.92 MHz;869.7 MHz and 2.4 GHz radio is also available.The normal power of the transmitter is 100 MW.The transmitter can use the 56-bit DES encryption key.These wireless industrial trigger switches provide a built-in onboard PCB antenna.The normal range of the antenna is up to 500 feet and also provides high power.The transmitter is constructed with a strong waterproof polymer housing.The transmitter can work at a temperature specification of minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.The transmitter battery is used continuously for 30 hours.Low Power warning and flashing LED indicator are also provided.Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are often used to control the system.The manufacturer offers 12/24 VDC chargers.The hose reel options for these systems allow remote deployment or rewind control, and greatly reduce the amount of work required to remove the hose from the reel.By using these switch controls, potential damage can be reduced, and productivity can also be greatly improved through easier hose handling.They are easy to install.The PTO or pump option extends the life of the pump, thus improving safety by allowing the operator to connect and remove the PTO and pump from the hose end of the customer's storage tank.Open the truck PTO shaft and charge the hose unless the hose is connected to the customer's tank.The PTO connection can be electric, pneumatic, hot shift or clutch shift.You can specify the enable option for the system to create a \ 'two-In order to activate certain buttons to further prevent accidental button operations, the step \ 'process.The emergency stop function closes all tank valves and kills the truck engine and pump.People can send off signal by pressing E-Repeat the stop button.
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