lithium ion rechargeable battery E Cigarette: A Healthy Way to Smoke

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-26
Clinical studies have clearly identified the link between smoking and several chronic diseases, including different forms of cancer, swelling, and coronary artery disease.In addition to the health hazards associated with smoking, there are risks posed to others through second-hand smoking.Therefore, one of the challenges facing health professionals and smokers is to find ways to address the health risks associated with smoking.
In addition to the "quit smoking" campaign, perhaps a more realistic way is to find a substitute for smoking and make it fun for smokers to smoke without having health problems associated with smoking.One of these alternatives is e-cigarettes or e-cigarettes.What is electronic cigarette?E-cigarette is an electronic device and a substitute for traditional smoking.
It does this by vaporizing the nicotine mixture or the pack, which in turn is sucked in by the smoker.E-cigarettes generally contain heating and mechanical mechanisms, as well as nicotine boxes or containers.The heating mechanism usually contains a sensor that activates the heating or evaporation process when suction or vacuum action is detected.
This then turns the nicotine mixture into steam ready to be inhaled by the smoker.E-cigarettes usually look and feel like traditional cigarettes, and they even have an LED to light up when smokers blow on cigarettes.The device is usually made of rechargeable lithium-Ion batteries, smokers need to charge if e-cigarettes run out of power.
How do e-cigarettes become a healthy alternative to smoking?According to the study, many carcinogens and toxins produced by smoking are produced by burning tobacco leaves.19 known carcinogens were found when tobacco leaves burned.In addition, there are lead and tar from smoking.
Moreover, people should not forget that smoking also affects people around them through second-hand smoke.Then there are carbon monoxide emissions that affect environmental quality.Despite these health hazards, smokers continue to maintain their smoking habits.
It is the stimulating and calming effects of nicotine that make people addicted to smoking.In addition, nicotine is a large part of the flavor of tobacco.If you take these facts into account, you may find out how e-cigarettes become a healthy alternative.
E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco leaves.
E-cigarettes only provide nicotine free of carcinogens and toxins.3.Electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke.If you combine these points, then you should form a picture in your mind that e-cigarettes are much better than traditional unhealthy cigarettes.Do you know the phrase "Where is the smoke, where is the fire?And, of course, the other way around.
There is no smoke if there is no fire.
In the case of smoking, burning will occur.In e-cigarettes, this process does not happen at all.Therefore, if you do not burn, you will remove the conditions that lead to the production or release of toxins, carcinogens and carbon monoxide.
Another advantage of the presence of E-cigarettes is that they release the joy of traditional smoking, as with the use of e-cigarettes to simulate smoke inhalation.Also, these devices look and feel like cigarettes, so it's easier for smokers to transition to them.Since smoking is also a psychological habit, many smokers need to feel a stick between their fingers and lips.
This is one thing that other smoking alternatives, such as nicotine gum and nicotine patch, cannot give.Finally, a choice!Smoking does bring some health hazards and risks, but it can even avoid them through technology.An innovative solution to the health problems caused by smoking using technology is e-cigarettes.
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