lithium ion rechargeable battery How to Recycle a Ryobi Battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

Ryobi manufacturers power tools with rechargeable battery packs.Battery pack full of lithium-Ion batteries.While these batteries are rechargeable, they will not last forever.When the battery cannot be charged or you no longer need the tools that come with the battery pack, you can recycle the batteries to prevent them from eventually being landfill.Find the place to recycle Ryobi batteries on call2 cycle (see resources ).This website has a directory listing the facilities near or in the community of most communities where rechargeable batteries will be recycled.Please be sure to verify that lithium is recovered at this facility-By calling the ion battery in advance.Recycle Ryobi batteries at a large retailer.Such retailers, Lowe's, Best Buy, and Radio Shack, all have recycling kiosks.All of the above retailers accept Ryobi power towel battery pack and lithium-There's an ion rechargeable battery inside.Find a recycling center in Earth911 that will accept your Ryobi battery (see resources ).When you enter your zip code, Earth911 will list all recycling facilities or kiosks in the area that accept rechargeable batteries.It will also list the local county or city facilities and let you know if they have declinedOr will pick up your Ryobi battery.
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