lithium ion rechargeable battery Makita LCT Vs. LXT

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

Mushida offers two different portable rechargeable cordless power tools.While these tools look similar, there are two different models for the company.The tool types of LXT tools are more extensive than the LCT series.The battery of the LXT tool is 50% more powerful than the battery of the LCT tool model.The LXT series of Maeda consists of seven different portable cordless power tools, all of which are made of removable 18-volt, 3 ampere-One hour rechargeable Lithiumion battery.LXT line includes 1/4-Inch impact drive drill, 1/2-15/16 hammer drive drill-Rotary hammer drill, 4.5-Inch angle grinder, reciprocating saw, clamp saw, 6.5-Inch saw.The battery that comes with the electric kit can be installed in any LXT tool.The Mutian LCT portable cordless power tool range consists of three drill bits and two saws, all of which are made of removable 12-volt, 1.3 ampere-hour, lithium-Ion charged battery.LCT cordless tool range includes 3/8 drive drill, 1/4-Inch impact drive drill, 1/4-Inch hex drive drill, 3 and 3/8-Inch saw and reciprocating saw.Mu Tian also added 18-in the LCT lineup-volt, 1/4-Inch impact drive drill and 1/2-The inch hammer head on the LXT tool line drives the drill bit as two-Part combinations set up in the tool box.
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