lithium ion rechargeable battery the advantages and disadvantages of a cordless drill battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-24

In case you are not sure what type of cordless drill battery is needed for long runs and is lighter weight, this article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of NiCad (nickel-cadmium), NiMH (nickel-metal-hydrogen) and Li-Lithium-ion (lithium-ion) batteries.Batteries are one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing any portable device and tool.Without a good battery to work exclusively for a long time, this limits the benefits of portability.It has a charging cycle life of up to 1000 times, longer than the NiMH battery.The NiCad battery is the first battery to introduce a cordless electric drill.It is more robust to temperature, which means it can work well regardless of weather conditions.The NICad battery has a long shelf life and has the lowest cost per charging cycle.It has its disadvantages.NiCad has a memory effectIt's easy to lose the ability to keep it fully charged.One way to prevent it is to discharge it completely and then charge it again.Not friendly to the environment either (toxic metal ).The NiMH battery has a higher energy density than the NiCad battery, so it runs longer.Compared to the NiCad battery, the two batteries are lighter, carry less heavy metals, and seem to have an advantage.However, it is more sensitive to temperature and may not work at minus or above forty degrees Celsius.If you live in a tropical country, there may be no problem using it, but a shorter charging life cycle than a NiCad battery is likely to force you away from the NiMH battery.Advantages of LiIf you have been using it in a cordless electric drill, this is an option.Li-Of these three batteries, ion batteries are the latest.The advantages are far greater than the disadvantages, and many cordless electric drill manufacturers have begun to use Li-New ion batteries.There are two factors that affect the consumer's purchase decision.Each charge and its weight run longer.Li-Compared to other batteries, the ion battery has the most running time and is lighter in three batteries.It has no memory effect and does not require a full discharge to extend the battery life.In fact, if the shelf life is not extended, it is recommended to do local charging and discharge more often to keep it.For power users who need to drill holes throughout the day, it will definitely take more time to run each charge to reduce the frequency of replacing the battery.Light weight also means less pressure on the wrist.However, for conservative users, the disadvantages of shorter shelf life and higher prices may be the main ones.If you are a power user and use it almost every day, it will be enough to retire the battery for two to three years.Li-'s convenienceThe ion batteries provided are already worth the initial price.All in all, the suggestion is to choose Li-Ion battery for cordless electric drill.Li-Ion batteries have been used in mobile phones for a long time and have not started to catch up until later with cordless electric drill manufacturers.In my opinion, the latest technology always provides consumers with better advantages rather than disadvantages.If you haven't used Li yet-The cordless electric drill operated by the ion battery is time to make a change.
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