lithium ion rechargeable battery What's Wrong with the Paslode 902600 CF325 Framing Nailer?

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-28
We have been running well on some Senco frame DingTalk for several years, but we need compressed air, even though our compressor is large enough to do the job when we don't have a field power supply, setting up the generator is always a little bit of resistance and then sometimes running two DingTalk at a time you can drain the compressor air.So when a new large construction job came in, we took the step of giving up Senco and buying it for four new Paslode 902600 lithium ion power cordless frame DingTalk.Freedom from hoses, compressors and generators sometimes feels so good and unreal, but I can tell you that it's just a relief and I'm just wondering why I didn't do it a few years ago.
902600 only 7.
5 pounds so, while the light will get heavy after a day's nail shoot, all the DingTalk have the same weight except for the new pneumatic Bosch, but we don't want to be pneumatic this time.It has a lithium-ion battery that powers it and can last for 5 hours, so they say, but we only have about 3 hours when these people are going.The charging time is only one hour.So we ordered an extra 12 batteries.They pay an extra $54 per person, but we do need it.
We also have spare fuel cells that power the DingTalk.The fuel cell is powered on about 1000 nails (you have to use Paslode nails by the way), about $15 per nail, so that's the extra cost we have to put in.There's something we don't like compared to the normal pneumatic frame DingTalk.
We are used to having two nails in our DingTalk, and these CF325 are only one.What else is quite frustrating is that you are getting low and tired at the old Senco \ can you add one more but this Paslode 902600 you actually, I must burn the last nail.That\'s a drag.We also note that the sheath nails must be fully loaded correctly or they will be blocked.
It could be a waste of time.
It has a very large nose, which is difficult to accurately DingTalk compared to a short nose with pneumatic DingTalk.The battery is difficult to remove quickly.They are expensive to run compared to the pneumatic frame DingTalk.
Paslode CF325 does emit gas smoke as a gas power, but we use these gases mainly outside, so this is not a problem for us.Inside, we make sure the area is well ventilated.They can be a bit noisy compared to pneumatic nail guns because they have a fan that hits every time you shoot to release the gas.
1) next to the battery (charge 7.
4 V lithium ion battery) what does Paslode CF325 need to operate?It has a dingbenzene fuel cell.Paslode says 1000 nails per cell, but we got about 750800.Also, we remove these cells every night, otherwise they will bleed because they are very expensive and we will reduce these costs as much as possible.
What is the fuel cell?The fuel cell is basically gunpowder that sends nails home.The battery ignited the fuel and, like a gas-powered car, exploded the cylinder.3) will Paslode 902600 shoot 3 1/4 ring handle nails?4) what comes with the purchase?Hard plastic case, instruction manual, one battery and charger.
You must purchase nails and fuel cells separately for the cf325.Will it always get the nail home completely?It needs to be focused if you are too hasty. It can make the nail stick out 1/2 ".Be sure to provide pressure.6) What different sizes of nails does it use?First of all, there is no doubt that there is no freedom to be tied to the air hose.
The Paslode CF325 is light weight, powerful and well thought out.Great fit and finish.The lithium battery can be locked in a closed position to prevent drainage.The battery has power enhancements and you can shoot up to 200 nails after two minutes of use in the charger.
If you 've just finished a job and the battery is dead, it's a great feature.Five hours of charging, the battery is fully charged in one hour.The tool box that comes with it has a lot of space for spare batteries and fuel cells.
Nails in 92600 are easy to get in and out, so if you want to change your nail size quickly.Very durable.One of my guys accidentally dropped his CF325 off the roof and it worked out directly
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