lithium iron battery How to Replace NiCad Batteries With Lithium Batteries

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

Replacing the NiCad battery with a lithium battery can be as simple as taking it out of the old battery and putting it into the new one, or as complex as customizing the battery pack for this work, depending on the type of lithium battery and the application that uses it.The NiCad battery is rechargeable while the lithium battery is disposable and not designed for reuse.Remove standard-Nickel-cadmium (NiCad) battery in battery-powered device.The standard lithium battery will be the same size as AA, AAA, 9 V, C or D batteries.Select a disposable lithium battery that matches the original NiCad battery.Most ordinary lithium batteries are non-rechargeable and can be treated like any ordinary disposable battery.Plug the battery into the device.Make sure they turn in the right direction as indicated in the battery box.Turn off the battery box.Remove the NiCad battery pack from your rechargeable phone or other electronic device.Lithium-Ion batteries are usually not standard size, but rechargeable battery packs specially designed for devices such as mobile phones and computers that charge batteries.Check the size of the package, the voltage of the package output and the number of amps.Many battery stores create a custom lithium if you can't find the standard package-Give you the ion battery pack.Make sure the new lithium battery pack you purchased matches the old one.Charge lithium batteriesIf you have an external battery pack, the ion battery pack.Connect the battery pack to the device and plug it into the battery pack.Lithium-In most applications, Ion batteries tend to exceed the battery.Check the owner Manual of the device to make sure you can replace the original NiCad package with lithiumions.Not all devices that use the NiCad battery pack can use the lithium battery pack.Charge lithium batteriesIf there is no charge when inserting the device, the ion battery pack inside the device.If this is the first time the battery is charged, please allow the full charging time to pass before using the electronic device.
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