lithium iron battery Smoke alarms are expiring

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-26
When did you install a smoke alarm at home?If youxa0The answer isxa02006, there may be a fault.Ten years after the new state residence was forced to perform the alarm, the Albury Fire Brigadexa0Call on residents to replace them.Commander Stuart Alexander saidThe anniversary of the legislation was held over the weekend.
"Since then, the detector has worn out due to dust, insects and humidity and needs to be replaced," he said ."."We encourage people to replace old smoke alarms, especially if theyxa0Realize that theyxa0There's an ionization-type alarm."We recommend photoelectric-Fire alarmxa010-Lithium battery.
Alexander says the photoelectric alarm has more features.xa0Technical Update."If you're not surexa0Regarding the type of alarm you receive, a small radioactive symbol that is not dangerous to you isxa0It was found on the back of the ionization detector, "he said."Any reputable hardware store should have photoelectric equipment.
Mark Owens, CFA District 24 operations manager, said there was no consensus on which system would be better."Science is inconclusive, and both are doing very well," he said ."."The main differencexa0Photoelectric type isxa0It's usually faster to react to fires that start over a long period of time-so a fire that burns.
"Ionization reacts faster to large flames."Both are acceptable in terms of technology --xa0The biggest thingxa0Obviously it is to make sure they are within the date and the battery is being replaced every year.Mr. Owens said that the Victorian era of the border should also follow 10-Suggestions for annual replacement.
"In addition to the smoke alarm, you alsoxa0Ability to attack firepower-xa0"That's why we talk about fire blankets and fire extinguishers," he said ."."We also asked people to clean the chimney,xa0Check the heater.Inspector Alexander said that in any case, the key information is to keep residents updated with their systems.
"I can't stress the importance of the smoke alarm," he said ."."This is a tragedy.xa0Forxa0If someone is injured orxa0They were not killed.xa0Smoke alarm.Since the introduction of this legislationxa0Doubt has saved life.
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