lithium iron battery Stay safe on the roads and in the home: Emergency Services

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-26

Emergency services in Tasmania state remind people to pay attention to safety when heating at home and driving on the road as the season changes.\ "The most recent daylight change is to check if the smoke alarm is working, replace the battery and remember the traditional time to keep the item two metres from the heater, Peter, community fire safety agent manager at TFS.""Better yet, the Tasmania state fire department encourages residents to change to 10-One year lithium battery photoelectric smoke alarm with one installed in each bedroom to provide the best opportunity for early warning.Inspector John Ward reminded motorists to drive there over time and weather changes."This may mean driving below the speed limit.Rain and black ice make the road slipperyIf the speed of the vehicle is too fast for the conditions, they may slide towards danger and get out of control."Rain will make the road slippery after the dry season, so be careful when driving.Black ice will make the road slippery, so be extra careful to drive and reduce the speed on possible roads.Inspector Ward says people should make sure their tires are in good condition and inflate properly as winter approaches."In addition, leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead-at least four seconds in harsh conditions."Make sure your windshield is clean and tidyxa0The demister is working the way it should.
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