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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-24

China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. led the "research and industry of safe high energy density lithium battery" project. on June 22, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China announced it as an important research plan for China.CALB will receive 60,150,000 yuan from the Chinese central government.The main task of the project is to develop a new lithium battery technology with energy density of 300Wh/kg.The advantages of lithium technology in research capabilities have helped CALB win projects from hundreds of competitors.With a significant investment in the high energy density of lithium battery technology, CALB batteries are becoming a leader in this field.The new 300Wh/kg lithium battery will be the next major product of CALB.CALB has set up a new and larger research institute in Jiangsu province, where it is planned that more than 1,000 researchers and engineers will work in 2018.This will be one of the largest lithium battery technology research centers in China.We ship CALB batteries from Shanghai port to Rotterdam port, Europe, via 20 feet DG container today.They are 108 CA180 cells, 100 CA100 cells, 676 SE200 cells and 735 CAM72 cells.There are 35 plywood boxes in total, weighing more than 6800 kg and 8.7 CBM.Customers from Norway ordered 96 CAM72 batteries and asked us to ship the batteries directly to Malaysia.We plan to pack in 6 DG cartons by air to Malaysia.China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise invested by China Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.The Chinese central government has invested directly in China Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.CALB was established in Luoyang in 2009 and acquired by Chengfei Integration Co., Ltd.,Ltd in 2011.Chengfei is a listed company invested by China Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.CALB battery is a high-quality lithium-ion battery manufacturer with a significant investment in lithium battery technology, and CALB is now one of the leading lithium-ion battery manufacturers and suppliers in China.They invested.Last year, the new factory in Jiangsu province was 3 billion yuan, and the new factory will be put into operation in the second half of 2018.CALB will become one of the largest lithium battery producers after the new plant is put into operation.CAM72 cells (72 ah), CA100 cells (100Ah), CA180 cells (80 ah) and SE200 cells (200Ah) can now be obtained from CALB ).CAM72 battery is one of the most popular lithium battery batteries with a capacity of 72 ah and a real capacity of 80 ah.Battery with aluminum shell, only 1 weight.9kg.The energy density is up to 120wh/kg.The CA100 cell is the first model designed since CALB was established in 2009 and was improved in 2012 with a capacity of 100Ah.It has been widely used in energy storage system.CA180 cells are a special type of cell with 80 ah.It is designed for the electric bus project and is very popular in the domestic market.Many electric trucks installed in Ca180.The SE200 cell is the only model that belongs to the SE series.The SE series was designed by Sky Energy Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 2009.Sky Energy Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of CALB.At first there were SE60, SE100, SE200, SE400 cells, and now only SE200 is left.Because there are too many customers like this.There are huge requirements for the SE200 battery.
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