'massive leap' wins engineering award - commercial energy storage systems

by:MERITSUN     2019-10-13
\'massive leap\' wins engineering award  -  commercial energy storage systems
A company in Edinburgh has won the UK's top engineering award for its digital hydraulic power system.
The "digital displacement" system of Macrois smart power is "technological advances of global importance ".
This technology can increase the power of wind turbines at sea and reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions for commuter trains and buses.
The judges called it "a big leap ".
Since 1969, the Royal College of Engineering has awarded the 50,000 MacRobert Award annually.
As we all know, it has discovered the "next big event" in the technical field, and has previously identified technologies such as catalytic converters and CT scanners.
The jury said the Artemis system "did what James Watt did for the steam engine" for the hydraulic engine ".
It has developed a digital hydraulic power system that can replace the mechanical gearbox in conventional wind turbines.
The digital displacement system will power the next generation of offshore turbines to make them more efficient and reliable.
A system has been installed on a 7 MW turbine.
At present, the average power of the turbine is twice 3. 5MW -
Near the coast of Scotland.
The same technology can also be used to reduce fuel consumption for commuter trains and buses.
The renewable brake energy storage system based on "Digital Displacement" can be modified to the existing diesel commuter train, reducing fuel consumption by about 10%.
The system also reduces noise and emissions from the station.
Artemis has been working with Lothian bus and Alexander Dennis to develop a cheaper, more fuel-efficient hybrid bus.
It was originally a rotation.
After graduating from Edinburgh University, Artemis was acquired by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2010.
Ms. Sue Ion, chairman of the MacRobert jury, said: "The story of Artemis is indeed convincing.
The company has achieved technological advances of global importance, making the massive power delivery of offshore wind power more credible and achievable, and contributing to the global goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
"It's not a simple evolutionary improvement, it's a complete step change that takes years of commitment to make it happen.
"The Artemis Digital Displacement System is an incredible invention and an outstanding example of detailed engineering design.
From control system technology to software and elegant mechanical design, it represents excellence in many aspects of engineering.
"The multi-disciplinary engineering team within Artemis has created a unique world --
And thus achieved great business success.
As a British SME, Artemis represents the best representative of modern British engineering with global significance, and the Academy continues to win the championship through its engineering for growth campaign.
"Last year's MacRobert Prize winner, Cobalt Light Systems, won the prize for innovation behind the airport security liquid scanner, which can now be found in more than 65 airports in Europe.
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