nyc climate bill targets trump tower, other skyscrapers - commercial energy storage systems

by:MERITSUN     2019-10-13
nyc climate bill targets trump tower, other skyscrapers  -  commercial energy storage systems
New York City has passed a comprehensive legislation to curb the energy needs of some of the most iconic skyscrapers, including the Trump Tower.
The legislation, approved 45-2 in the city council on Thursday, is backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio and will drive owners of over 25,000 square feet of residential and commercial buildings (
Install new boilers, air conditioning systems, windows and insulation.
The goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 and push cities to 80% by 2050.
Council also voted 5-
Starting from March 2020, charge cents for all paper bags distributed by the store and study the feasibility of replacing the gas
Power plants using battery storage systems powered by renewable energy.
Corey Johnson, the Democratic speaker of Manhattan, has announced his intention to run for mayor in 2021. "Some of the world's most ambitious climate legislation is designed to deal with and mitigate the huge impact of global warming.
"The New York City Climate Change Group is an independent group of scientists that predicts that sea levels will rise by 8 to 30 inch (
20 and 76 centimeters)
By the 1950s S, as many as 15 to 75 inch people by the end of this century.
Thursday's legislation targets buildings because they use two types of electricity, natural gas and other fuels.
Thirty of the city's greenhouse gases.
While the main sponsor, city councillor Costa Constantine Nied, said the legislation represented "the biggest emission reduction policy in any city," private landlords said they were unfairly targeted.
Legislation includes engraving
Expenditure on hospitals, churches and rents
Control housing.
Rating housing and commercial buildings to bear the full burden of undeniable common social problems, "John Banks, chairman of the New York real estate commission, wrote in Real Estate Weekly, a trade publication.
According to the city audit, Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan uses more than 93% of its large residential buildings per square foot of energy, a coalition of labor and community groups that support the legislation.
Maritza Silva, executive director of ALIGN-view data on 50,000 buildings, all of which are over 25,000 square feetFarrell said.
Trump spokeswoman Amanda Miller did not respond to requests for comment.
Konstantinide has denied the intention to single out President Donald Trump or the Trump Organization.
Tony Gigi Tillo, president of 364
The unit co-op apartment building says it has spent $10 million to upgrade over the past decade to save more than 40% of its energy.
The new city law will ignore this and demand common
Op will spend more money to reduce emissions by 40%, he said.
"This is very unfair.
"Gigantiello's co-op apartment does not have to act immediately because his building is already in compliance with the current standards set by law," said Jeff Baker, director of the legislative division of Parliament.
The first target building is the 20% building with the most energy and carbon emissions per square foot.
He said gas emissions in the city.
They face a 2024 deadline to reduce energy use.
However, in order to avoid a 2030 deadline, cooperatives must rank among the top 25% in low energy use per square foot.
Baker said the city's data was collected based on surveys conducted on electricity and fossil fuel use, divided by square feet of the building.
City council laws charge 5 cents for paper bags distributed by stores, which will exempt beneficiaries of nutrition aid programs such as food stamps.
It complements a bill enacted by the state prohibiting the use of plastic bags, aiming to encourage reusable plastic bags and reduce solid waste that eventually enters the landfill.
The council has also passed legislation that will :-
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