Parents of teen killed in Florida Tesla crash sue company - small lithium ion battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-11-22
Parents of teen killed in Florida Tesla crash sue company  -  small lithium ion battery
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. —
Last year, a Telsa car crashed and caught fire, and the parents of a Florida teenager were killed. They are suing the electric car company, accusing the company of defective battery packs on the electric Model S, there may be a fire.
Edgar Monserratt and Esperanza martde Monserratt claimed in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday with the Broward County Circuit Court that the battery of the car was not adequately protected, making the whole
Their son, Edgar moncerat Martinez, 18
The passenger's seat was also killed in a crash in Fort Lauderdale on May 8, 2018, and driver Barrett Riley was also 18.
Another teenager was injured when he was dropped from his car.
"There is not enough measure for the Tesla S sedan to prevent the rear.
Chicago lawyer Philip corbury said: "There are not enough measures to crash fires and control fires . "
One of the lawyers representing the parents.
Corboy also claimed that Riley's parents installed a device on 2014 Tesla, after he was fined for driving 112 miles/hour (180), the speed limit of the device
The suit said the device was installed in the Tesla service center but was removed in subsequent service access without the knowledge of the parents.
The lawsuit charged Tesla with negligence and demanded compensation of more than $15,000.
According to a preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating accidents and other accidents involving Tesla vehicles and fires, the Model S is traveling at 116 mph (187) three seconds before hitting the wall, it only slowed to 86 miles (138 kilometers) an hour because of the expansion of the airbag.
The car missed a curve at a speed of 25 miles (40 kilometers) an hour and hit the wall twice, with witnesses reporting it caught fire.
Palo Alto, California: "Our thoughts continue to be with families affected by this tragedy
Tesla said in a statement.
"Unfortunately, no car can stand it.
The speed of this type crashes.
The company noted that last year it introduced a "Speed Limit Mode" that allowed Tesla owners to limit the speed and acceleration of their cars and dedicate the feature to Barrett Riley.
Witnesses told investigators that Tesla drivers lost control by entering the left lane through another vehicle while trying to return to the right lane.
At the scene of the accident on Seabreeze Avenue, the road bends to the left with a warning sign of 25 miles/hour (40 kilometers) with flashing beacons.
Tesla's lithium battery
After firefighters put out the flame, the ion battery was ignited twice again, once when the car was loaded and left the scene, and once in the storage room.
Batteries used by Tesla and other electric vehicles can catch fire and burn quickly in collisions, although Tesla keeps its vehicles on fire far less often than gasoline. .
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