pedro arrais review: hybrid outlander phev best of both worlds - small lithium ion battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-11-21
pedro arrais review: hybrid outlander phev best of both worlds  -  small lithium ion battery
Mitsubishi is taking advantage of the increasing popularity of SUVs and the growing interest of 2018 Olander PHEV in vehicle electrified.
Gasoline costs $1.
50 liters per liter, consumers are looking for any alternative to avoid
Or at least slow down.
Pain in the pump.
In the past few decades, gasoline
Electric hybrid is the answer for many people.
Others who are willing to go further have been fully powered on, but the main obstacle is a reduced range.
Mitsubishi is betting that consumers who like to eat cakes will also consider plug-ins
Replace it with a hybrid car.
The premise is simple.
PHEV is usually electric-
Before the battery runs out, the vehicle mode is powered by a small on-board battery.
Then continue the journey as regular gasoline
An electric car until the battery is charged.
As PHEV, Olander is not unique.
Competitors using the same technology include Mini Cooper Countryman, Kia Optima, many BMW models, Audi Sportback e-
Tron, Ford CMAX Energi, Chrysler Pacific hybrid, Hyundai Sonata PHEV, Honda Clarity, Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz GLC 50e, Toyota Prius Prime and Volvo x60c and xc90.
What makes Olander unique is how it uses a variety of technology in a car.
We started with two electric motors from the Outlander PHEV, one in the front and one in the back.
By pressing the 4WD LOCK button, it simulates the lock of the center differential in the traditional 4WDwheel-drive vehicle.
This makes outsiders the most capable outsiders.
A pile of road vehicles.
It has three driving modes: electric vehicles, which only use electricity;
In series mixing mode, the gas engine generates electricity when the battery is low or extra power is required (for overtaking);
And parallel mixing mode, in which the gas and power engines work at the same time.
By seamlessly switching between modes, Olander can save costs when possible and help if necessary, depending on driving conditions and battery charging levels.
Olander has a steering wheel mounting paddle to increase or reduce the momentum of regeneration (from B0 to B5).
At its highest setting, you will feel the resistance once you remove your feet from the accelerator.
It becomes an interesting exercise to calculate the momentum of regeneration (
Not the actual brakes)
Use when approaching traffic lights on the highway.
The driver can also choose between two battery modes of battery saving and battery charging.
On the former, the driver can choose to save the remaining power in the battery for later use
For example, use only in cities.
In the latter case, you can instruct the car to increase the battery charge on the road so that you have enough juice later.
Lithium from Olander
The ion battery size at 12 KW is the third largest in the field.
Before the gasoline engine works, this gives the vehicle a useful range of about 35 kilometers.
When the charging time comes, outsiders will charge (pun intended)
As the only vehicle in the field that offers a three-stage DC fast charger, the head of the package.
This allows outsiders to charge 80 in about 25 minutes.
Use a more common 240 V 2 charger (also included)
The battery can be charged about three-and-a-half hours.
With a normal 120 V home socket, it takes about 8 hours to fully charge.
Overall, the rating is 3.
0 liters per 100 km liters in the city, 3.
On the highway.
Even though all of this technology exploded from the seams, the price of Olander PHEV started at $42,998 (
$2,500 reward from Province BC. )
There are three decorations for PHEV.
My tester is the best. of-the-
GT version with a range of active safety features including forward collision mitigation with pedestrian detection.
It also includes a 360-degree camera (
There is a camera pointing to the front wheel to help turn it off
Road or parking)and a 710-
The Rockford Fosgate sound system of Watt.
Accessories for electric cars
The dashboard provides a wealth of energy usage information, including energy
Use monitors, energy streams, and other ecological information.
It has a handy countdown meter that lets you know the expected range of batteries and gasoline.
When you turn off the car, it will also rate your driving, with green leaves showing the ecological environment
You drive very friendly.
Olander PHEV is a good indication of the direction of the entire automotive industry.
Natural gas prices-
The only way to avoid or just reduce the impact is to turn to power.
With Olander, people can benefit from emerging technologies and enjoy the features suv is so popular today.
Type: Compact SUV, front gasoline engine, front and rear motor, fullwheel-
Driver Engine type: plug
Engine in hybrid vehicles (gas): 2. 0-litre four-
Cylinder, 117 hp, 4,500 HP. p. m. , 137 lb. -ft.
Torque at 4,500 rp. m.
Engine Electrical: AC synchronous permanent magnet engine (electric)
: 80 horsepower, 101. -ft.
Torque engine (rear)
: 80 horsepower, 144. -ft.
Torque battery: Lithium-
Ion, charging time is 12kWh/300 V (CHAdeMO)
: 25 minutes to 80 minutes of charging time (240/120V): 3.
5 hours/8 hours @ 12A transmission: Front of single-speed automatic horizontal axis: rear axle of deceleration gearbox with switchable drive mode: fixed deceleration gearbox EV battery range: 35 km per 100 km: 27 knots7 Total range (
Gas and Electricity)
: Size 499 km (mm): Length, 184. 8; width, 1,800; height, 1,710;
Wheelbase, 2,670 curb weight (kg): 1,895 Price (base/as tested)
: $49,998/$49,298 (
Including $1,700 shipping and PDI, and $100 AC tax, minus $2,500. C.
Cleaning vehicle incentive)
Option: no tires: 225/55 R18 fuel type on alloy wheels: regular fuel economy (Le/100km): 3. 0 city/ 3.
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