Petrol and diesel engines will be redundant in just "8 years" - battery energy storage

by:MERITSUN     2019-10-22
Petrol and diesel engines will be redundant in just \
Professor Tony Seba did not post his words when it came to the end of gasoline and diesel.
Regular transport-
From car to bus and truck
Facing a tsunami of change, everything on four wheels will be electric by 2025.
He thinks it's motivation.
He also predicted that there would be a "mass"
"Existing vehicles stranded", that is, the second value
Manual cars will plummet and people will have to pay to get rid of their cars and by 2024 there will be no more car dealers in the business.
It seems reasonable that Tesla decided not to own any dealers but to sell them directly to customers.
"As far as we know, energy and transportation are over and will come soon," Mr Seba recently told Australian investors . ".
He went on to say that the revolution would "end in 2030" and compare it to the one from the horse --
The carriage of the early 20 th century.
The famous Stanford masters are not only academic and champion of green energy.
He is also a consultant to some of the world's largest companies and works with Google and many other Silicon Valley entities.
Both the government and investors sought his advice and his forecast was included in a 2020-
2030 "recently it was reported that he said in the report that people would stop driving altogether --
It's not incredible when you see the rapid development of auto companies self-driving cars.
The future revolution depends on key factors, he said, including solar energy, increased battery storage, electric vehicle development and self-driving cars.
His report argues that with electric vehicles with more than 200 miles of battery mileage, the price of electric vehicles in the United States has dropped to $30,000, "the tipping point will arrive in the next two or three years.
As low as 2022
The final model will fall to $20,000.
After that, the Avalanche will sweep everything before it.
"The cost curve shows that all new cars will be electric by 2025, all new buses, all new cars, all new tractors, all new trucks, anything that moves on wheels will be globally electric ".
He said, "the remains of fossils
For cost, convenience and efficiency reasons, the 95-kilometer driving by 2030 in the United States will take time to clean up.
Oil for road transport will be reduced from 8 million barrels per day to 1 million barrels.
He thinks the cost of electric vehicles per mile will be 6.
Eight cents made the gasoline car obsolete.
Insurance costs will fall by 90.
S. households will save an average of $5600 a year by switching.
The US government will lose $50 a year in fuel taxes.
"Our research and modelling shows that the revenue of $10 trillion a year from the existing automotive and oil supply chains will shrink significantly," he said . ".
Another world expert in the oil industry, Professor Dieter Helm of Oxford University, also told the Daily Telegraph that the end of the big oil business was "just beginning ".
He believes that demand for electric vehicles will soar, which will have a huge impact on the already declining oil market.
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