PM's industrial plan includes £170m for technical training - battery energy storage

by:MERITSUN     2019-10-23
PM\'s industrial plan includes £170m for technical training  -  battery energy storage
A training revolution to upgrade 16 to 24 skillsyear-
Theresa May will launch olds as part of a new modern industrial strategy.
Her goal is to change technology education by investing 170 for young people who don't go to college.
A new research agency will also be set up to develop technologies such as electric vehicles to increase energy supplies to reduce household spending for consumers.
The prime minister will launch the strategy at the first cabinet meeting outside London in northwest England on Monday and will issue a green paper on Tuesday.
"Our modern industrial strategy is an important part of our post-industrial plan.
"Britain leaves Europe," Ms. May said before the skills were shaken --up.
"When we leave the EU, it will help us to seize the bigger prize: the opportunity to build a stronger and fairer Britain, which stands still in the world and will be in the long runterm.
"This is an important step towards building a country that shares prosperity and has real opportunities for all.
"Our actions will help ensure young people develop the skills they needpaid, high-
Future technical work.
"It means strengthening technical education and ensuring that we provide the same opportunities and respect to those who pursue the technical route.
"Training shock-
Up will try to address concerns that the UK education system has failed to teach young people the skills they need to compete in the country.
A report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation
Business development (OECD)
England is the only country 16-24 years old. year-
No more than 55 to 64 years of ageyear-olds.
"There are some of the best universities in the world in the UK and our schools are improving," said Greg Clark, business minister who will launch the Green Paper.
"However, the technical education of school leavers has long been ignored --
Skill levels vary widely between regions.
"We have to improve our skills and opportunities so that we can close the gap between the best people, places and businesses and others.
"This is to make our country one of the most competitive places in the world to start and develop a business.
We invite people all over the UK to contribute to this work in order to create a high
Skilled economy effective for everyone.
"£ 170 for overhaul technical education will be used to establish a faculty of science and technology to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics
Called STEM.
Technical qualification reform will also be carried out, a University
Style application system for courses, professional math schools and action to solve skill shortages.
In addition to upgrading skills and training, No. 10 also promises to further develop in battery technology, energy storage and power grid technology.
The OECD also revealed that there is only one investment in the UK.
R & D accounts for 7% of GDP, far below the average level of 2. 4%.
Green paper on industrial strategy-
Consultation document-
Proposals on how to promote the UK industrial sector will be called.
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