rechargeable batteries reviews How to Change the Bit on an Electric Screwdriver

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-24

The electric screwdriver reduces the workload involved in driving multiple screws for home improvement projects.Most electric screwdrivers are cordless and use rechargeable batteries to power the tool.They use an interchanging bit so you can choose the one that fits the type of screw you need to loosen or tighten.Many manufacturers produce cordless electric screwdrivers;The screwdriver replacement drill bits of each brand are similar.Push the direction switch on the screwdriver to the center with your finger.The direction switch is usually located in front of the trigger.Remove the battery from the electric screwdriver to avoid accidentally opening the tool when replacing the drill bit.Some brands have two labels on the side of the battery and you can press in and take out the battery;Using other brands, the battery slides down from the back of the tool.Put your hand in front of the screwdriver.Grab the collar--The part around the bit--Use your thumb and fingers.Pull the collar to the screwdriver body with your finger.Lean it against the front of the screwdriver.This will release bit.Pull out the drill bit of the screwdriver.Insert the drill bit suitable for your project into the screwdriver.Push the drill bit into the Chuck (holding the mechanism of the drill bit) until it is at the back of the chuck.Loosen the collar and fix the drill bit on the screwdriver.Plug in the battery.
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