rechargeable lithium batteries What Is the Difference Between Milwaukee M18 & 18V?

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-23

Milwaukee electric tools produced two generations of 18-Volt cordless power tools based on rechargeable lithiumion batteries.The first one is named V18 and is compatible with earlier battery systems.The M18 series is completely different from the previous series, with a new battery system redesigned and used.On 2006, a new battery system was announced in Milwaukee under the trademark V18 with rechargeable lithium-Ion battery, replace nickel-Previously used CD rechargeable battery.The company marketed the V18 system as an upgrade to its existing cordless power tools, promising to run 50% longer than nickelCD battery.As stated in the press release when the company announced the new V18 system, "-Volt tools, merchants can get an immediate performance boost without investing in a brand new platform.At 2007, Milwaukee launched 2601-This cordless electric drill is powerful but lightweight, small in size and weighs 4 pounds.The weight of the battery pack is indeed half that of the early lithium.Half the power is generated.Light weight though, 18-However, the volt battery-like "18 V" label is not compatible with the larger tool for the V18 lithium soldion pack.At 2008, Milwaukee launched 2610-The 24 drill is used as a box selection tool for the new M18 series.M18 series tools are no longer backwards compatible with old nickelThe cadmium system allows the tool itself to pass through strict lithium-Ion power supply group.It is worth noting that the M18 series is equipped with a frameless motor that can generate the same power as the larger conventional motor.The company labeled lithium.The ion battery system used in the M series is \ "18 v XC high capacity.In 2010, Milwaukee switched to red lithium batteries for M18 and m8 series tools.Milwaukee uses this new series of batteries as an instant upgrade to the performance of its tools, just as it first launched lithium-Ion battery as a substitute for nickelCD battery.On September 2010, the company released a press release on its website saying that the new battery series-Compatible with all m8 and M18 tools sold at the time--Provides 20% more power than conventional lithium and 50% more charging-Ion batteries.
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