road test: bmw i3 94ah - small lithium ion battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-11-22
road test: bmw i3 94ah  -  small lithium ion battery
The world of cars has changed a lot.
Now, we are not talking about the "16 V" model, nor the "275" model of horsepower.
Now we have the 94 ah model that represents the new lithium ion battery.
It has the same weight and still lives under the cabin floor, but its "energy density" has increased by 50%.
This should help the mistakes of electric vehicles by expanding the scope.
In theory, the 33 KW-hour capacity should increase from 118 miles to 195, but at the same time, in the real world, BMW estimates it will travel 124 miles, which is still a good one.
In theory, whether in the rain or in the sun, in the heater or in the air --
Con on, the new i3 should be able to reach that distance.
This is such a small car, you can imagine it will be a lazy man worth a try.
But stepping down the pedal from a static state, the acceleration is absolutely amazing.
Do it in a crowded city and you 'd better be ready.
Even if the speed is up to 60 miles per hour, you are accelerating at an extremely fast speed.
With the help of the thin ecology, all of this has little noisefriendly tyres.
The opposite applies.
Because of the energy regeneration system, as long as the feet are lifted from the throttle, the speed will drop sharply.
We don't talk much about F1 level here, but before you get used to it, it's easy to stop before you get to the intersection or do more.
It was all great and the seating was high and the view around it was great.
The I3 may be more of a city car, but on our test route in southern Germany, it's a great way to see the countryside.
Germany-smooth roads
It was great and brought about rapid, quiet and almost incredible progress, a real joy.
However, some roads in Germany are almost comparable to ours.
The i3 is really rough on the rough road.
It's like the old Audi A2 because its size is challenged, so the accepted company suspended the platform that is not long enough to be used.
It really crashed and passed everything to the occupants.
So, if you're thinking about buying one, then you should think about where you're going to drive.
This is not to say that the new i3 can't handle life outside of the city, but it can, but it may not work very well if you look at regular mileage in the pitted country lane.
But for many, it represents a smart, charming, determined modern car, and now it has a more real --world range.
The professional DC charger can provide you 80% of the power in 40 minutes. BMW’s own wall-
The system installed at home can give you a 80% fee in less than three hours.
The reason for not having an electric car is decreasing, but the last hurdle may be the price.
Even taking into account the government's funding, there is almost £ 28,000, which is a lot of money for such a car.
But there are a lot of cars here for the money. KEY STATS -
2016 BMW i3 94 AhPrice 27,830 (
After the government allocated 4500 pounds)
Power supply at 4800 rpmGearbox 168bhp single speedKerb weight 1195k0-62mph 7.
3 seconds 93 mphRange 195 miles (claimed);
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