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  -  small lithium ion battery
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The old girl died of internal bleeding after swallowing a button.
Lithium battery size.
The child, from Tewantin on Australia's Sunshine Coast, was rushed to a local hospital around eight o'clock A. M. on Sunday with stomach bleeding symptoms.
The medical staff immediately flew the seriously ill child to the Royal Hospital of Brisbane, where she could receive specialist treatment.
But despite the doctor's best efforts, the toddler died later that afternoon.
Susan Teerds, from Kidsafe, Queensland, warned that parents must be vigilant when keeping the button
The shape battery found in many common household items is not accessible to children.
She told ABC radio: "When a child swallows a battery, it is often caught in the esophagus around the speaker.
Once it gets stuck, it will start burning a hole in an hour.
In fact, saliva causes chemical reactions and burns a hole through the esophagus, and constantly burns a hole in the aorta, spine, and anywhere else.
According to kidsafe, Queensland, four children from all over Australia go to the emergency center with button batteries.
Related injuries every week
Kidsafe has launched a battery control campaign to try to make parents aware of the dangers of lithium batteries.
If a child swallows a button battery, it is stuck in the child's throat and passes through the esophagus in less than two hours.
Repair of damage may require feeding and breathing tubes as well as multiple surgeries.
If the battery is completely swallowed, it will leak out of the stomach, causing internal bleeding.
Lithium batteries are common in toys, remote controls, and thermometers.
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