small lithium ion battery Close Encounters with the SONY DSC-H50 Super Zoom

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-10
small lithium ion battery Close Encounters with the SONY DSC-H50 Super Zoom
DSLRs are designed around the marketing model of "razors and blades.Body of razor...The lens of the blade.DSLR or Point-and-Shoot (huh?\"Geez...Why did you buy that?You buy a digital SLR camera.What a dork.I just smiled.He certainly didn't know my struggle until I chose Super Zoom.
I had the same experience as DSLRs.
I got my hands dirty on the Canon 350d.
I finally sold it a few months later.
Why?I need a computer.
My hands-on experience on the 350D made me realize that these cameras (DSLRs) never considered bargaining.They are carefully designed by manufacturers and have long been making profits for the company.It is built around the business model of "razor and Blade.
Razor and lens blade for camera body.
When you see these views through the eyes of people like me who are always short of money, it will be clearer.Some people will convince you that you will become a professional photographer once you have DSLR.They will talk to you about artwork, noise, vision, color decay.
..So you have to buy this and that.
..I am the stationmaster of amorsiko.
Com, learned to plug my ears with film.
Here\'s a fact.
Did you see the two "small cameras" above?Sony DSC Super Zoom-The H50 has more influence than both of them.Scaling is never good for DSLRs.What I want to say is that they work better in terms of prime numbers.And Hell..You won't see me dragging them around like an astronaut.
I like photography instead of lifting weights.But I'm not saying that digital SLR cameras are bad.In fact, they are really better than point-and-shoot cameras.
But it requires skill and money.
..yes money.
Before I reach the sunset of my life, I am also focusing on buying myself a Canon 40D.Which superzoom did I choose?Why is Sony's DSC?H50.The SONY DSC-Before I joined the Sony DSC, I collected as much as possible the current Prosumer superzoms on the market --H50.
I want to make sure I get the best from hard-earned money.Hahahaha!!!I logged in with Sony DSC.H50.The following are the technical specifications of the camera.I suggest you read them if you are going to buy one.
Sony DSC-Technical highlights of Sony DSC-It has a valid 9.15 times optical zoom (31-465mm) -See if DSLR can beat it.3.Surrounded by rich e.g.15 mb of memory.Download to the computer and run out again.
..Had money to buy a decent memory stick at the time ).in-lithium-Ion batteries with a battery life of at least 150 thing...Even smile detection works for dogs.I swear..It does work for our dogs.I love the cool stuff of Sony DSC-When you use DSLR in my case, Canon 350D, you will appreciate the freedom provided by manual control.
Point-manual control is not usually includedand-shoot cameras.The Sony DSC-The H50 provides almost complete control over aperture, shutter speed, focus, exposure, flash strength, and metering.It even has a histogram.The most important thing is the lens.Equivalent to 31 to 465mm (35mm ).From the point of view of DSLR users, this is a big shot.
The closest DSLR is priced at about $3000.That's a separate lens.No extra weight lens, Sony DSC-The H50 is much lighter than any of the DSLR settings I or you can think.Imagine yourself climbing the mountain with that long camera at the top of the mountain.
The DSC-The H50 is also very fast to start.Very fast.You can shoot in less than 2 seconds and turn off the camera.The advanced sports mode works well.With burst shooting mode, you can take at least two photos in one second.
It's like an entry-level SLR camera.
Amazing macro and close-up shots.
Colorful and natural.
By adding color filters, you will get an enhanced image using DSLR, which will enhance the various filters.Look at the pictures I took.Tilting LCD is also a favorable factor.Take a look at the first photo on this hub.If I have been using an LCD that is not tilted, I will.
..I have been taking pictures.
Or maybe just hold it down and hope for the best.In the process of composition, large LCD with grid is very helpful.Even without the flash, it works well with insufficient light.
Unfortunately, the images taken using ISO400 are a bit noisy but still available.It would be better if it had a shiny shoe rack.--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0I will update this list.
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