small lithium ion battery Palovia Facial Skin Laser You Can Use At Home

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-05
small lithium ion battery Palovia Facial Skin Laser You Can Use At Home
Skin and Laser Therapy for home use.This product is based on a breakthrough fractional laser witch, clinically validated and tested around the eye to minimize the physical appearance of wrinkles and lines.Palovia laser can reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes only after clinical testing and FDA approval.Right and wrong for laserThe ablation part laser technology of Paloma medical technology patent.
The laser product was developed by Palomar, who spent years researching new technologies for skin and laser.The Palovia laser uses the same skin renewal technique as the Doctor, designed to re-surface the skin from inside to outside.The laser produces tiny laser pulses that penetrate deeper layers of the skin, create very small wounds and stimulate fresh collagen under the surface of the skin, which is essential for you to tighten the skin young skin.
Part of the laser energy in the small pulse initiates the natural recovery process of the body and reconstructs the structure of the skin.The Palovia laser goes deep into the surface of the skin and is exactly where wrinkles begin to form, inducing the body to produce new elastic proteins and collagen.Palovia should be used around the eyes every night, once a night for 30 days and then twice a week for maintenance.
Three-4 minutes of treatment affects only a part of the skin, leaving the outer layer of the skin unchanged in order to repair and recover more quickly.The Skin and Laser were tested in men and women and showed a marked improvement in wrinkles and fine lines in just one month.It is safety-Hundreds of clinical study participants were tested and they have performed more than 7,500 eye examinationsRegional processing.
Medical professional personnel in a clinical study in confirmed palovia Skin Laser of user in often "with a month after 92% of participants see wrinkles and fine lines significantly improve.A team of researchers used the Palovia laser for 12 weeks a day, and 84% of participants noted that the Palovia laser eliminated facial lines rather than just reducing their visual appearance.According to clinical research data, doctors observed that after 3 months of end using the Palovia laser, wrinkles continued to improve significantly in almost all participants.
Palovia Skin and Laser are very friendly.
Due to its small size, it is perfect for your palm during treatment.With treatment, laser audio and visual cues.It has rechargeable standard lithiumion battery.
Palovia Skin Laser is a huge success that will compete with local dermatological practice in the treatment of eye wrinkles and wrinkles.Privacy and comfort in your own home.All of this is exactly the same as the laser technology used by doctors in medical spas and clinics.To reduce investmentWe can do it at home now.
Very good results have been achieved.
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