solar led street light How to Repair LED Lights

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

LED represents LEDs, which refer to lighting elements that are cleaner and stronger than ordinary incandescent lamps.LED lights usually appear in long string lights used for decoration for Christmas and other festivals.You may find that some LEDs stop working, which causes many people to process the entire string.You can easily fix your led string by turning off the faulty led.Wrap a small piece of tape on each lamp that does not work.This way you can see which LEDs are not lit.Turn off the power of the lamp and unplug the lamp.Pull out the first lamp marked with tape from the fixture.Grab the LED above the plastic cover and pull it until it is released from the fixture.Bring the LED to the lighting store and let them provide a match for your exact LED.Buy as many lights as possible to replace.Insert the plastic and metal end of the LED into the socket you pull out until it is firmly in place.The plastic cover of the lamp should point to a place far away from the socket.Replace all other marked lights in the same way.Turn on the power and plug the light back into the power supply.
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