solar powered street lights 10 Creative Solar Energy Applications

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-06
solar powered street lights 10 Creative Solar Energy Applications
What do you think of when you think of the word "solar energy?If you're like most people, the image of rooftop solar panel Power Generation (photovoltaic solar panel) may define "solar" for you "..Creative solar applications use technology to use electricity from the sun for a variety of uses.Think about any power needs in your lifeFrom communication to entertainment to power the equipment you use frequently.
Did you know that you can buy a backpack (or briefcase or handbag) with solar cells to help keep your electronics fully charged?For out-of-town students and outdoor entertainment enthusiasts, solar backpacks can keep all your electronics powered when you're not at home.Built in solar panels and installed ports inside for plugging in phones, cameras, GPS devices, mP3 players and even laptops.1.Solar cell phone charger is a convenient way to keep your phone fully charged when you are away from a socket or vehicle.
Solar cells can be embedded in the phone itself or purchased separately as charging devices.You can even charge your phone with solar cells.These solar devices are perfect for people who spend a lot of time outdoors --Whether it's sports, camping, fishing, hiking or even just a picnic.
Exposure to ultraviolet light can produce electricity, which can prevent the mobile phone from losing battery power over time.As of the date of publication of this publication, it usually takes 2 hours of sunlight to provide sufficient power for 30 minutes of call time on your mobile phone.Of course, using a smartphone app will run out of power faster.
The electricity needed for hot water is one of the biggest energy consumption in the monthly home budget., You can get free hot water using electricity from the sun.Solar panels can meet all your home or commercial hot water needs.
The solar loft fan is a great way to help keep the space between the room and the roof cool and dry.Also, you can reduce the summerTime cooling costs up to 30% with solar loft fans.The cost of these devices is typically less than $500, can be installed within a few hours, and can be paid through energy efficiency tax incentives and credit.
Solar fabric is a unique application of solar technology!The solar cells are woven into textile fibers to produce convenient solar energy.In fact, it can be set up like a tent to provide shelter and electricity.Consider endless possibilities: military, rescue operations, disaster relief, recreational options (camping, fishing, hiking, hunting), medical units, and even temporary housing.
Anywhere you need solar energy that is flexible and convenient, solar fabric is your answer.5.Keeping a personal electronic device charged is an easy way.But it also has some important commercial and military uses (see information on solar fabrics on the right ).
Solar cells can be embedded in solar backpacks, solar straps, solar fabrics, Rolls-Solar panels and so on.SolarRoll uses photovoltaic cells that can be rolled and carried in small backpacks.It can generate up to 14 w of power, charging small devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras.
SolarRoll is useful for those who spend a lot of time outside, including fishermen, hunters, hikers, and more.The device also features waterproof and UV transparency.It costs $199.$479.Portable solar energy, simple and affordable, easy to use.
This is usually a way of life for people living far away from the grid.In the United States, our scout forces make and use solar cookers during camping trips and learn about renewable energy.You can save energy and money when you use solar cookers.
First, the power required to heat the oven is not required.Second, the excess heat generated by using a convection oven will not overheat.Solar cookers are therefore a good choice, especially during the summer months.
Is one of the best examples of building integrated photovoltaic.This is a fancy way of saying that solar energy can be produced with building materials, including siding, roofs and windows.Instead of building a typical silicon solar cell, the polymer dissolved in the solvent creates a "paint" or coating that can be applied to any surface from home to office to car!It is cheap and widely used.
Unlike large photovoltaic solar panels, solar coatings use thin-film nanoparticles instead of silicon as solar conductors.When applied on the side of the structure facing the sun, thin solar cells virtually produce clean, green power.10.Municipalities can save money by solar street lights and other traffic or direction signs.
In my hometown, solar panels light up pedestrian crossings and signs.Instead of digging wire and drawing on the gridThe solar street lamp is based on electricity, easy to install and low operating cost.9.When I first heard about the solar mower three years ago, I laughed out loud!After all, what homeowners are so busy (or lazy) that they need an automatic mower to trim the grass?Yes, the solar lawn mower is a popular item!Just expose the embedded solar panels to the sun for a few hours and you'll be able to generate electricity for running the mower throughout the afternoon.
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