solar powered street lights Height of Exterior Lighting Fixtures

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

Exterior lighting illuminates the architectural features of the home, adding beauty, containment appeal and safety to the home.Properly installed external lighting can reduce accidents, warmly welcome guests and stop unwanted guests.Poor placement of external lights can cause unsafe sight and unhappy neighbors.Appropriate height, style and size should be considered before installation.The lights around the outer door should be installed at about 1-The third way down from the height of the door.Sometimes there are two external lights around the door, in which case the fixture should be one --The height of the door is quarterly down from the top of the door.If only one fixture can be hung due to building restrictions, please hang it on the same side of the door handle.For example, if the door is 9 feet high, the lamps should hang about 6 to 7 feet from the ground.Safety lights such as sports-Induction safety light, should be installed in the corner of the fascia board.Garage door fixtures illuminate the way into the garage.Depending on the garage door, an intermediate lantern should be installed or a lantern on either side of the garage door.Use the same rule as an external light near the door: Hang the light on the side of the garage door about one-The first quarter down from the top.Back door lighting is also recommended for safety reasons;Use the same method as the front door lighting.Landscape lights are used to illuminate sidewalks, lighting sculptures, or other focus areas of the yard, such as trees or fountains.In most cases, these lights are powered by batteries or solar energy.Most are designed to be placed directly in the dirt on the sidewalk.Some are placed around the deck and on the outdoor stairs.Another idea is to use the rear lantern to illuminate the driveway or parking lot in case the outer door fixtures do not reach that distance.Posting lanterns can also be used to outline the perimeter of the deck or patio.Energy-Saving fluorescent bulbs works well for both the environment and the wallet.They reduce energy consumption and last longer than ordinary bulbs.When installing outdoor lighting, consider any "dark sky" regulations or similar laws in your area that control light pollution in the sky.When certain lights need to be turned off, they usually specify a specific time.Outdoor lights should not be directed directly to the streets or lanes to prevent glare from harming or distracting drivers.The homeowner and municipal regulations should always be considered before external lighting is installed.
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