solar powered street lights How to Wire a Street Light

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-22

Street lights are a very important part of each city's design plan.To protect people's safety, these lights are used to illuminate sidewalks, roads and dangerous areas.They also help people learn more about what's going on around them at night.Adding a new street light includes connecting the new light to the existing power supply and connecting the control unit, which will turn the light on and off according to the amount of light hitting the photoelectric battery.Power off before starting any cabling.In addition, check the wiring diagram of the provided maufacturer to verify the correct wiring procedure.The wires of different manufacturers are different in their units.Connect one end of the 12-Middle Red Line3 cables on the side of the control unit lights.Connect the other end of the red line to one of the two bulb terminals of the bulb.Connect one end of the Black common wire to the Black common terminal of the control unit.Connect the second end of the black line to the hot black line of the power supply.Now connect one end of the white line to the white line connector on the control unit.Connect the other end to the white line of the power supply.
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