solar powered street lights residential new solar powered electric auto mobile charging station ...

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-14
solar powered street lights residential new solar powered electric auto mobile charging station ...
Maryland Gov.Martin O'Malley is one of the state, local and federal officials who gathered in Bethesda on Monday to commemorate the installation of new solar energyCharging stations for electric vehicles.The station is located outside SunTrust Bank, 10401 Georgetown Old Street.The 18-foot, 1,410-"Solar pole"-WattCharging two electric vehicles is the first electric vehicle charging station in the state featuring the SunTracking technology, using a GPS system to move solar panels mounted on poles with solar positions.
Developed by Colombia, the pole is designed to cover a small area and fit the urban environmentEngineering and Manufacturing Company based in advanced technology research companyThe rod was made with the help of $1.1 million clean energy Economic Development Initiative grant by Maryland Energy Administration and the United StatesS.The energy sector uses federal stimulus funds, according to a press release.
Officials said Monday that one of the biggest challenges for car owners as electric vehicle mobility is becoming increasingly popular is supporting their infrastructure.O'Malley elaborated on the importance of investing in new the solar-Electric charging station..To promote sustainable practices in Maryland and stimulate the local economy through green employment.
"We chose to pay in 'atr 'because it was an investment in Maryland, an investment in employment, an investment in innovation, an investment in a clean, green economy, that's what all of us want our children to get, "said O \ 'Malley.According to Jackson Yang, founder and "ceo" of advanced technology and research, the station's purchase price and accessories range from $15,000 to $20,000.Yang said his company developed the technology in response to O'Malley's call last year that 20% of Maryland's energy came from renewable sources by 2022.
"I 've always known about the electric car charger and I hope to be able to provide it here," Alvin L said ."Owner and President of Alvin L "Tripp" Aubinoe IIIAubinoe, Inc.One in Washington, D.C.C.-Regional Management CompanyAubinoe, who manages SunTrust bank and Wildwood Medical Center properties at 10401 Old Georgetown Road, purchased charging stations for the site from advanced technology and research companiesAubinoe said he eventually wanted to install electric vehicle charging stations in about 50 properties managed by the company.
.He wants to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.Obino said he would submit plans to Maryland soon.National Capital Park and Planning CommissionThe "green" residential rental unit building is in the same location, where he would also like to install an electric car charger.
"There is no demand yet, but there will be it in the end," he said ."
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