solar powered street lights Solar Powered, Geothermal Heated Snowless Driveway and Walkway

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-06
solar powered street lights Solar Powered, Geothermal Heated Snowless Driveway and Walkway
Walking has been bothering human beings for many winter days.We have created tools and machines to help us remove snow, but they still need to be tied up to face the cold.Regardless of the current weather conditions, it will land on your walk?I think I have worked out a solution to achieve this winter wonderland.
;Geothermal and floor heat.
We will then combine them into one and then use them in a different way than normal, let's get started.It is an alternative energy heating and cooling system that uses the Earth's natural heat to heat and cool our homes.The concept is simple, and the ground remains constant at 65 degrees F below the frost line.
The water or antifreeze mixture is cycled in pipes buried below or deeper in the frost line, and they are connected to the heat exchange unit at home, in this unit, heat from the Earth that has been transferred to the water is used to warm the home.In some cases, water can be heated by other means (lp, natural gas, electricity) once it reaches the switching device.This is actually an effective way to heat your home as you only heat the water from the already warm 65 degrees.
Heating is a heating system that uses heat conduction to heat the floor and then the heat rises and heats the room..Similar to the heat source we discussed earlier, water is used as a medium for heat transfer.I believe the combination of these systems has been used in home heating before, but we are talking about warming our walk to melt the snow.
Now into the system.
It melts when the snow falls, but what I'm using here is a system with little extra energy.Combining these systems with efficient heating systems makes it easy to create a warm, snow-proof, shovel-free sidewalk.As used in ground source systems and wireless floor systems, a circular system is designed.
Then, the following figure is the guide, we need to bury some of them under the frost line and lay some in the pouring concrete we walk and walk.This needs to be done when dumping the walk and driveway, or the support needs to be removed and replaced, unless you can come up with a way to lay the pipe under your existing sidewalk without damaging it (if you do let us know ).I think 4 to 1 tubing is enough to accomplish our goal.
This means that we will bury 4 feet m of tubing on the sidewalk every 1 feet m.We also need a pump for circulating water and several valves for maintenance and system bleeding.I suggest laying about 8-12-of the zigzag pattern of the pipe-The gap between lines is 10 inch, as shown in the figure.
Now our goal is to keep walking on the road above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so if the water from Earth is 65 degrees Fahrenheit then no extra heat is needed.With this in mind, the only energy needed to run our system is a small amount of electricity from the circulating pump.Any small electric pump can work properly.
For full efficiency, I recommend running it with a small pump and a small solar panel kit and battery, which can provide circulation for free.Now you can stand by the window for coffee and watch your neighbors shoveling away in the cold weather.And theory.It has not been proven or tested in any case.
To discuss.
The implementation of these ideas.
Trying to build such a system.
Consistent in any DIY project.
Someone who has or is willing to try the following ideas.Thank you for reading and I look forward to your review
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