solar powered street lights Solar Shingles Replacing Solar Panels on Roofs?

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-09
solar powered street lights Solar Shingles Replacing Solar Panels on Roofs?
Future generations may wonder why we are so focused on generating electricity from gasoline fuel when we actually have endless amounts of solar energy.The country has had some form of solar technology since the mid-18th century.However, the government has not made enough efforts to support and promote the development and use of solar energy.
solar technology projects due in 2011 are funded, but not enough to push us to the forefront of countries investing in solar energy.The big downside is that our neglect has led other countries ahead of us in the energy sector for the next 10 years or so.On the hottest days of the year, you can feel the energy of the sun beating in your body and warming everything around you.
Then, at night, the bricks, walls and concrete pavement slowly gave up the heat collected during the day.In this well-developed solar town, a large amount of energy will be available and used to heat the home, air conditioning the home, and power the home appliances.The captured solar energy can also be used to power our electric vehicles, power our street lights, heat our pool, and even return the excess energy to the power company.
As a society, if we use solar energy widely, not only will our air be cleaner, but global warming will slow down, and our energy bills will be greatly reduced.It may not be utopia, but it will be good.Many have decided not to wait for the government to act, but to start holding things in their own hands.
They are doing what they can to move themselves from the grid to a solar-based ecosystem.Some of the technological advances are so great that many of their neighbors don't even know that their homes are based on solar energy.In the past, for example, you could always judge the solar house by the unique solar roof panels used by almost every solar installation company.
These solar panels used to be very expensive and are now very cheap, usually one of the cheaper parts of the installation process.In fact, the reason why many homeowners have not yet made the transition to solar power is that they hate the solar panels at the top of the house.Now, however, you can find the solar collector embedded in the actual wooden tile, which looks like any ordinary wooden tile you buy from the home center.
Not only do they look beautiful, but they are more efficient than the solar panels of the past few years, and each solar cell gives you more energy.Of course, although these are more expensive than the standard Sun tiles, they are the lowest prices.When you add that many states will give homeowners and businesses tax breaks and coupons for installing solar technology, they can afford it more than you think.
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