solar powered street lights Use Solar Path Lights To Light Up A Walkway And Some Facts About Solar Energy

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-06
solar powered street lights Use Solar Path Lights To Light Up A Walkway And Some Facts About Solar Energy
I have decided to install solar path lights to replace the low voltage Malibu lights I have had for nearly 20 years..It was dark on the sidewalk at night and I didn't want anyone to stumble and fall.I must admit that I have limited knowledge of how the whole process works.
The sun is such a powerful asset.
Solar energy is turning sunlight into electric energy..I was told that the panels were expensive to install initially;However, I told the system that it should pay for itself in a few years.In my community we have street lights that automatically light up in the dark and go out at dawn.
These are solar street lights.
Since they do not rely on electricity, I believe they operate more economically for the county.They don't need maintenance.Using the energy from the sun also enables us to "green "!.I checked the Transformers and timers and they seem to work fine.
I had to shoot further in trouble.
It's not easy, I knew it before I started.Because I bought a new game for his computer, I owe me a big trouble.He doesn't like to work out in the hot 90 degree sun, so I agree to wait until the sun goes down and start digging again when the weather is cool.
We started the trouble shooting process by digging the line and checking in 3 feet sections.I think that part can be fixed if the person who cut the grass cut off the wire.When I first installed the Malibu lighting I dug the wires about 6 inch so I really don't think that's the problem.
After digging the entire line length, we couldn't find the cut.We found the wires crispy.The wire broke when we dug it!I have been underground for nearly 20 years.This is the problem.On my front porch, but I have a big job, extending the wires from the front porch down to where I want the lights to start driving along the path.
Then I dug a ditch and walked to where I wanted the Lights to start.It took me about 3 days on this project.When I first installed the Malibu path light, not only did I have to buy the string of lights, but I also had to buy a transformer to convert the high voltage power currency to a low voltage.The transformer is about $45.00, the light cost another $50.00.Over time, there will be a light out here and there.
I had to change the bulb.
Bad sunlight can damage the plastic bulb cover and cause a break.Ants enter the fixture, causing the light to go out.Each fixture has a plastic top to prevent rain water from entering.
Children and dogs play in the yard and the tops are damaged and have to be replaced occasionally.I want to say that I may have spent another $100 over the years.00 on the bulb, replace the top of the bulb cover and fixture.
Do I have to replace my Malibu lights with a new set of lights?Do I want to replace my Malibu light with the new solar light?The Solar light is just a portable light fixture consisting of light bulbs, Solar panels (using energy from the sun) and rechargeable batteries.There are many kinds of outdoor lights.When I was shopping, I saw the solar garden lights for decoration, with a variety of designs.I saw some holidays.Some are even themed on the shape of animals.
These lights are often used to mark anywhere around the pool or in the yard where you want some lights.Solar desk lamp charging during the day.At dusk, they turn on the lights and keep them lit overnight, depending on how much sunlight they receive during the day.The unloading time is generally 8 to 10 hours.
The light provided by the Solar light is not as good as a line-But they are easy to install and maintain, offering a cheaper alternative to wired lighting.On the other hand, I can buy a brand new Malibu lighting system for about $75.00.I don't need to buy new transformers and timers because I have old ones and timers.
Then, I remembered how painful it was to replace the burnt bulb and the plastic case that would always break and fall off, and I decided to go with the solar light.I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm in the country.We didn't have electricity until I was about 12.
We depend on the energy of the sun in many ways.I knew what solar energy was when I was a child.We just don't have its name.My mother heated my bath water with the warmth of the sun.
I need a whole day on a sunny day, but in the evening I can take a hot bath.We dry our clothes with solar energy.Since I was a child, I left my clothes outside to dry.Before my husband and I could afford a clothes dryer, I hung my baby's diaper online to dry.
I remember the frozen diapers in winter.
Http:/Moore meter.
Tell me that all new homes in South Africa have to be built with solar energy.Wouldn't it be good if America did the same?We all have lower electricity bills.This is a big sum of money in my family budget!I bought 18 solar lights for $2.
A total of $53, $98 each.
.The installation of each lamp is very simple.I hope each lamp is 4 feet apart.I found a broken hoe handle that is just right in length.We put it on the ground to make sure the spacing of the lights is correct.
The wooden stakes that come with the lights and lighting components are pushed into the ground.Since I have dug a trench for the old line, the soil is good, soft and easy to push the stakes to the ground.It took me and my son about an hour to finish the whole job.
.My son is not used to physical work.
The biggest exercise he gets is to move his thumb to the text on his phone and type the keyboard on the computer.He walked very slowly at the job!The solar street light is beautiful!It's about 3: 00.m.When we finish our project.I hope the lights will get enough sunshine to make the lights light up after dark!Sure enough, I was amazed when it was dark!I looked at it and everyone sent out star light about 3 feet in diameter.
What a sight!I told my son to come out and see.He stopped playing computer games long enough to show his admiration for our work.I asked my neighbor to come over and have a look.
One of my daughters came over and left a deep impression on me.flower garden.I don't know how long these lights will work properly.I can only wait and see.Others with these lights told me that they have been wearing them for about eight months.
I would be happy if I had six months of happiness.I think I will go back to the store now and buy six more lights while I can still get the matching ones.I believe I installed the solar lights on the sidewalk, which is a wise choice.
In the evening, look at the moon and enjoy the solar lights we have installed.Our project left a deep impression on my son.When I see these solar lights, I can't help but ask, why do we use the sun's energy more than we do?We have many sunny days there.
When I have the ability to do this, I will put the solar panels on the roof of my house, heat my water and dry my clothes!I am very happy with the look of these lights and I have now put one next to the fountain.It looks really good at night.I'm still experimenting with this....Do I prefer the ground or the solar light in the flowerpot?What do you think?If there are any black spots in your yard or if you have an walkway it should be lit at night rather than dark and dangerous, I would encourage you to install some solar street lights.After seeing how good the solar light on my path looks, one of my daughters decided to install some along her path.
She went to a "dollar store" and spent a small portion of my money on 10 cheap solar lights.Her work stopped for three weeks and had to be replaced.I bought a famous brand in a large home improvement shop.
My one has been installed for almost three months and none of them stop working.So, my suggestion is: First of all, invest in the lights of the brand.They will last longer
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