solar street lighting system Rates increase on Launceston’s agenda

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-04
solar street lighting system Rates increase on Launceston’s agenda
A 1.7. the general interest rate has risen,xa0Commercial prices are being proposed as Launceston city prepares to votexa02017-2018 budget.Aldermen will vote on the proposed budget at the meeting of the Council on June 26.According to the rating frameworkxa0For 2017-In the 2018 financial year, the general rate will increase from $250 per property to $275.
The budget also proposes a 1 increase in net rate revenue.7 per cent.For commercial properties in the central business district, the estimated annual value of the land will rise by 2.The dollar was exchanged for $9 for 6922 cents.
$5099 cents-xa0It rose by 39 percentage points.Commercial land outside the central business district, the annual value growth rate after its evaluation is 1.The dollar was 2295 cents.$0472 cents-xa0An increase of 18 percentage points.
Set by the National Fire Department, the fire levy is also set to rise by 5.5 per cent.But charities with separate residential living units will cancel their rates.xa0The board's income of $819,400 was lost.
The increase in other rate categories will offset the loss.A potential surplus of $1.£ 3 million will be delivered.The cost of street lights will drop from $3.The current financial year was $6 million.
4 million, mainlyxa0Thanks to the solar plan and the LED street light conversion project.Capital expenditure is expected to be 2016-2017xa0budget.The Princess Theater will receive a $460,000 audio upgrade this year, and Newstead Levee will start with a $580,000 injection and a $6 injection.
8 million offset by federal fundingxa0Will be used for urban heart development.Regular meetings in Launceston will be held at one o'clock P.M. on Monday
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