solar street lighting system Top Ten Reasons Why Nibiru Planet X Is Real

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-07
solar street lighting system Top Ten Reasons Why Nibiru Planet X Is Real
A friend of mine asked me the other day, "Why do I believe so much that the Nibiru Planet X exists," and I started to list the reasons I thought it existed.After I 've listed about five articles from above, I was wondering why I 've never written an article to explain why.l, to me.The first thought was that NASA announced to the world in 1983 what they called the existence of the X star, on the edge of our solar system.
Two of the world's most prestigious newspapersSoon after, then President Reagan made the subject part of the US national security mandate, making it illegal for astronomers, scientists and institutions to talk about it openly.He did so because he believed that if the public knew that a large planetary body (four times the size of the Earth) had entered our solar system, they would have panicked and had the potential to cause a massive global disaster.He convinced other countries to do the same, and the topic quickly became a big secret, and only a little bit of information has been leaked since then.
The second message that convinced me is a large number of stories, myths and legends from ancient civilizations around the world, talking about a large planetary body that returns regularly (every 3,600 years) to our solar system, and caused global damage in the form of floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.From the ancient Sumerian people (the cradle of civilization) to the indigenous people and the Bible of Australia (the wormwood), these stories have striking similarities and cannot be considered coincidental.The Sumerians named the planet Nibiru or "crossing the planet" in their language ".
I find it so convincing because the Sumerians discovered Pluto and incorporated it into the model of the solar system, which our current astronomers did not find until 1930.Another reason I find it so compelling is that many of these civilizations are not connected or developed at different times, so one can logically conclude that their story isA great deal of information about this can be found from Zecheria Zitchin's Earth Chronicles book.At 1894 Percival Lowell, a wealthy American businessman funded the construction of the Lowell Observatory in az flagstaff.
One of the original missions of the Lowell Observatory was to look specifically for this mysterious planet, proving that the United States knew it existed more than 100 years ago.They searched in the sky for more than 30 years thinking they found it in 1930, but it turned out to be what we call Pluto and determined it wasn't big enough to be an X star.This compelling evidence is not well known or talked about, but shows that certain groups in American society know the existence and potential of the planet.
The situation observed by the public around the world must be included in the five largest number of reasons observed by the public.A friend of mine in Australia began to notice that the Sun and Moon were rising in 2005 and falling in strange positions.Because he is a farmer, this information is very important to his life and easy to identify.
Because Nibiru Planet X has an unnatural solar orbit, it is not on the normal galactic plane where all other "normal" planets reside, astronomers entering our solar system from the southern part of the Galaxy know it will be easier to see in the southern hemisphere.That's why so many large observatory's have been built in the southern hemisphere of our planet.The increase in Earth shaking is also the cause of our extreme weather (changing the jet stream), increased structural stress, increased volcanic eruptions, and melting of polar ice.
The second time around the world to see the amazing number of photos and videos of the sun is another simple evidence that cannot be ignored.Of course, due to the digital age of computer graphics, many of these photos and videos can and can easily be forged or mistaken for lens flares, sun dogs, but many are not dust and other natural phenomena.Those things that are not fake won't last long on the internet and have been deleted, I know at least six of them already don't exist on the Internet, so if they are fake, why review them?This is convincing in itself, but it is obviously difficult to use as evidence if it is no longer accessible to the public.
After removing deeper videos and photos from the internet, I had to remove at least a dozen links and videos from my article.I think one of the most compelling reasons for the existence of Planet X Nibiru isThe world government has been preparing for what is known as "secret" for nearly 50 years.These preparations include, but are not limited to, the construction of underground cities, compound and military facilities around the world.
Hoard resources such as seeds, grain, ammunition, weapons, water, gasoline and other necessities.In the United States, FEMA has built hundreds of ready-made camps across the United States, which are far from the coastline and are just waiting empty...what exactly?In China, they have built huge "ghost" cities in the vast interior (far from the coastal areas), which are inhabited by Chinese troops pointing guns at rural residents.
The construction of camps and/or cities hundreds of miles from coastal areas shows that they expect a large population of their citizens to be destroyed and eliminated.Building these camps and cities without revealing their purpose to their citizens shows that they are willing to sacrifice most of their population, in order to keep the secrets of the upcoming disaster as long as possible.Gas and industrial explosions, volcanic eruptions, methane gas that kills birds, fish and other animals, drought and other unexplained phenomena should be enough to convince anyone that our planet is changing dramatically.
This can only be caused by another larger magnetic field in the solar system.On the other hand, all of these events can be more easily interpreted as natural events by fake streaming, limiting exposure to a wider audience and human negligence.This allows those who know, what I call power (TPTB), to prevent the public from connecting these points and seeing a bigger picture.
However, when you add them up, you will logically conclude that not all of these events are coincidental.The review of information on the increase in large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is one of the most compelling reasons I have found, suggesting that TPTB is desperately limiting public perception of potential global disasters in the future.In 2003, the American Geological Society (USGS) reduced the earthquake rating system (Richter scale) a little, allowing them to convince the public that the earthquake did not increase.
This shows USGS's duplicity in this matter, and one may have noticed that almost every major earthquake has been immediately downgraded by this institution in the last decade, which seems to meVolcanic eruptions are a bit hard to limit in public perception, but what many people don't know is that it is estimated that more than 3 million Cracks, volcanoes and magma flow in the oceans around the world, surface up to 3,000.A major volcanic eruption may emit more carbon dioxide and other toxic gases and pollution to our atmosphere in one day, more than all of us who have released into the atmosphere in the past 100.Now, consider how this will affect the environment when multiple volcanoes erupt at the same time around the world, and you have a recipe for disaster that is likely to lead to mass extinction (ELE ).
.In considering the authenticity of the Nibiru Planet X, a large amount of prophecy and other psychic information about the doomsday scene should not be ignored, after all, most of this information comes from the Bible, millions believe this is an accurate description of our history and the word of God.It is a psychic message from a higher power or source, so how can we exclude the channeling of the new era.You can't believe in some form of psychic, and then ignore another simple psychic because it is not included in the Bible or later appears.
As we all know, the Bible was written by human authors for five generations (300) after Jesus was considered dead.Without discussing the authenticity of any religious text, there are many books about the return of past lives, psychic messages and alien messages that suggest that the Earth has gone through the polar changes of the past.These stories are confirmed in the Bible by the story of Noah and his Ark, which, by the way, is a new film starring Russell Croy.
This brings me to another point that there have been too many movies describing the end of the world scene in recent years that can't just be considered coincidental.In their own way, aren't these films a form of prophecy about the end of the world?Isn't it a warning that hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings in the world? The purpose of aliens here now is far beyond curiosity?When you consider, read, and study a great deal of material from aliens and UFOs to guide the message and the predictions of nocharamas and Edgar Casey, it is difficult to ignore so easily.Mainly because the scene is very similar in scope and description.
In the end, at least in my opinion, it's overwhelming.In the past of the Earth.From a geological point of view, the evidence is certainly overwhelming and has been confirmed over and over again, although not widely recognized by the public.I can list dozens of research papers, scientific surveys, and research that show that the Earth has gone through the pole shift, and I don't think anyone claims it's true.
However, what I find doubtful is the reason many "scientists" have for these pole shifts, which, in my opinion, is simple.The reason I suspect is that too many "scientists" have been paid and supported by government grants and are unable to reach a conclusion on what the government wants the public to know, so the evidence is shaped to conform to the theory, concept or ideaAstronomers are also paid mainly through government grants or for the work of NASA and other institutions related to government research institutions, and can accept the national security mission set by Reagan.When your life is directly linked to an institution or group that wishes to conceal certain information from the public, you lie, forge documents, this is humanity by creating new theories and ideas that should not be judged.
If the public recognizes that a large number of mysterious astronomers have died in the past two decades, they may conclude that this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.From the top of my head.I can and have listed more reasons, the topic is too real for me, but with a little research, this information can be found on the Internet, of the many books published in the past 100, for those who don't like to read, this is true of video and movies.Two other interesting stories in the recent news show more evidence that planet Nibiru X is here.
One of them is that in just two days, three different asteroids are buzzing on Earth.This is described by the ancients as the tail of the Big Red Dragon.What Nibiru knows is that it is surrounded by huge millions of miles of iron ore dust clouds and asteroids, and as the Earth approaches, these dust clouds are attracted by our magnetic fields and areThis explains the ancient story of the red dust falling from the sky and the fireball falling from the sky.
Another story that caught my attention was the ancient forest found near the coast of Maine, USA.S.Britain and Ireland.These forests are revealed from very low tides and the rise of the sea floor, indicating that in the recent history of our Earth, great changes have taken place in land and coastline.are real.If it's just a well-designed scam designed to spread fear around the world, it's a scam.
I just don't understand what's going on with this, but in order to be open to all subjects, maybe I'm wrong and it won't be the first time.A group of kind aliens who enforce universal law in the galaxy are manipulating its orbit around our sun as a means to limit damage to the earth as they prepare for the ascension of humanity, enter the next stage of our spiritual development.So by delaying it through our solar system, it gives us the opportunity on this planet to determine our spiritual direction, whether it's for others (STO) or serve the self (STS), making it possible for the commission of human help to ascend and the Commission left by human beings.
Of course, the biggest flaw in my assumption is that it is not visible to the naked eye, however, since the humanities tend not to believe anything they can't see with their own eyes, so it's hard for most people to believe it here.However, this should not prevent us from realizing how it affects the Earth.Many people are also under the wrong assumption that such a big secret cannot be kept for such a long time, and if it is in good faith, their government will let them know their hearts.
This raises the question of how you can prepare nearly 7 billion people for the destruction of the Earth range that no one can control.The answer, of course, is that you can't, and the only place that's really safe is to leave the Earth in orbit.Even underground cities and military bases cannot ensure your survival, and submarines used in movie 2012 cannot ensure your survival.
Based on my research on ancient texts, stories and geological data recently discovered, I have to say, our current life will coincide with a 3,600-year orbit of a planet that causes global flooding and Earth earthquakes.This is based on many recent stories in the news that the Earth has experienced great flooding in the past.Might help my readers understand my interest in pole shift and why I am asking for answers.
This is really my fascination with ancient cultures and civilizations on our planet.I believe that these cultures leave many clues for future generations as a warning, and that is the power to know when and where to look for Planet X of Nibiru
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