storage battery failure analysis and processing of lead acid battery 2

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-25

Floating charging is a way of working the lead-acid battery pack, which is to connect the battery pack and the power cord in parallel to the load circuit.The constant charge voltage is a little higher than its open voltageCircuit voltage, it depends on the small charge provided by the power cord to compensate for the self-discharge of the storage battery pack in order to maintain for a long time in fully charged standby mode, and then not charge at all.In the long-Lead-acid batteries may be used for a low amount of floating charge.Why cause that?It may be improper use, or there is a problem with the quality.The long-Time-floating charging use or failure to maintain effectively results in a low floating charging voltage for a single or multiple battery.A single battery is less than 2.20V.Verification analysis shows that the new battery experienced capacity, floating charging, open charging before leaving the factoryCircuit Voltage, internal resistance and other matching groups, so the discrete degree of floating charge of the new battery is small.With constant use, minor differences in lead-acid batteries that must exist during the manufacturing process will gradually expand, such as opening valve voltage, self-discharge, and plate differences.Different Opening voltage will cause different water loss.The rate of the sulfuric acid electrolyte of the battery that loses more water will rise and then increase the open circuitCircuit voltage, and floating charging pressure.When the total voltage remains unchanged, the floating charging pressure of other series batteries will be reduced, resulting in voltage backwardness.The voltage of lead-acid batteries with large self-discharge is easy to fall behind for a long timeTime floating charging process.When the plate is softened, the active substance that falls out will block the small hole of the plate, resulting in backward capacity, and finally low floating charging.The appropriate treatment method is to start the temperature compensation and balance charging function and set the average charging every three months.Fully discharged, not charged in time, or over-discharged, or charged for a long timeInsufficient charging time can all result in a low floating charge of a single or multiple battery.The single battery voltage is less than 2.18V.You can use a balanced charge for the battery pack.If it can't fix the voltage of a single battery that is disabled, you 'd better restore it separately.If conditions permit, you can charge and discharge 1 to 3 cycles using low current, and then disabling the voltage and capacity of the battery will get a good recovery.But for severe sulfuric acid batteries, you have to replace it.If the floating charge is low or the setting value is less than 10%, if it is less than 2.0 V, the battery may be a micro-short circuit or a short circuit.You can do the discharge verification because it is shortThe circuit battery cannot afford the discharge test.If the discharge voltage drops quickly or quickly to 0 v, then you have to replace the damaged battery.If it is normal, you can use the above method to recover.If you would like to learn more about lead-acid batteries, you can visit Leoch International, an excellent manufacturer of lead-acid batteries.The company is a listed company with a history of more than 10 years and is very reliable.If you are interested in the company, you can search for more information on the Internet.
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