storage battery Guy Barnett announces energy efficiency grants for farmers

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
Farmers can now apply for infrastructure subsidiesxa0Such as irrigation pumps, lighting, insulation, solar panels, solar cell storage or ventilation, heating or cooling equipment, up to $20,000.The state government is expanding its-Energy Minister Guy Barnett announced on Sunday that agricultural energy projects will include grants for energy-efficient infrastructure.Barnett said the project aims to help farmers reduce energy spending.
"This will save costs because energy is the top priority in reducing the cost of the business," he said ."."This is the expansion of our state of Tasmania --The first energy initiative, because we want the Tasman to have the lowest cost of energy in Australia by 2022."We are happy that we are on track to achieve this, but there is more work to be done.
The announcement isxa0Expansion ofxa0US $750,000xa0Projects announced in Mayxa0Thatxa0Funding for on-energy and irrigation auditsIdentify farm activities for potential savings.The audit is still available, but inGrants for agricultural energy projects will help farmers to purchase infrastructurexa0Recommended in the auditBarnett said the government's goal is to raise agricultural output in Tasmania to $10 billion by 2050."Now, the food sector in the state of Tasmania is worth a total of $4.
"1 billion of agricultural products are sold on interstate or overseas, so saving money for our farmers will help us achieve our goals," he said ."
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