storage battery Lead Powder - Manufacture And Use

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-29
Lead in the form of powder or particles has a variety of applications in various industries.• Radioactive medical protective clothing • industrial X-oil and gas exploration-Thunder shield Golf ClubThis paper discusses the production method of lead powder, gives some details of its application, and provides information on its ability in this regard.Use a high temperature gas jet to atomize a molten lead drop.
By using a circular nozzle, lead can introduce the airflow in the same direction as the airflow, or the melted lead can drop into the vertical airflow.The first method produces more fine lead powder, so it is more useful in some applications, such as lead-based resistanceFriction lubricant.In a typical manufacturing process, lead melts in the crucible, and liquid metal flows out of the hole at a precise size, add more molten metal to the bottom of the Crucible to maintain a constant level-this will ensure a constant flow rate through the bottom hole of the Crucible.
The metal flows into a gas jet heated to about 200oC and is dispersed into small particles of several microns in size.Although this is not such an important method, lead powder can also be produced by electrolysis.The use of the thermal decomposition of acid can produce very small particles that are suitable for lubricants.
Lead oxide;It is also known that lithium lead or carbon monoxide is another lead, which is produced in the form of a red or yellow crystalline powder.Litharge is produced by contacting the melted lead with the air.Carbon monoxide is obtained as a driving force for crystalline or amorphous.
Lead powder for oil and gas exploration, radiation medical protective clothing, industrial X-Lightning protection cover, golf club manufacturing, lightning protection coverFriction products.In order to reduce or eliminate wear, power lead, powdered Babbit and lead oxide are used in lubricating oil.Lead powder is also used as the basis for some anti-corrosion coatings.
Lead oxide is used for the production of fine "crystal glass" and "flint stone glass" with high refraction index of chromatic aberration lenses ".Powder lead golf club manufacturers of golf clubs use powder lead to balance and increase the weight of the club.The head usually has a cavity that can be entered by a small hole sealed with a screw.
By removing the screw, adding the measured amount of powder lead and replacing and fixing the screw with epoxy, the swing weight can be adjusted.Lead protective clothing lead powder added to the plastic is used to form lead-loaded plastic sheets.Radiation protective clothing and aprons for medical, scientific and nuclear industries.
Lead-loaded plastics are also used to make sound insulation barriers.The lead powder in the weapon containing powder lead in the law enforcement shotgun bullet is called the broken bullet.They are used on door hinges and handles to obtain the entrance.
It is generally used by drugs, search warrants and special police teams.Lead powder is used to reduce damage to individuals.Weighted-Knuckles gloves, also known as sap gloves, are a weapon for hand warfare.
They consist of a pair of ordinary gloves, usually made of leather or synthetic materials, and powder lead is sewn in special bags covering knuckles, fingers and back of the hand.They are mainly used for self-protection by safe occupations and private citizens.defense.Lead powder in the electronics industry is used to make metal ceramic composites.
In addition, it is also used to manufacture certain optical conductors that exhibit increased radiation absorption and increased signalto-The noise ratio and improved spatial frequency response lead powder are also used for the preparation of suppression and bonding of the sputtering target as well as for the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system.The application of lithargelelead ge lead is an important product in the manufacturing of power cables, ceramics and battery industries, as a pigment in certain types of anti-corrosion coatings.Litharge lead (red lead) is used in the production of lead batteries ).
It is an important product for power cable manufacturing.Also used in ceramic and glass industries.Nucleadnucleus can provide all common mesh sizes and grades for powder lead, and can meet any order from 100.
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